‘Nother Update About Sticking The Landing

Last year on December 27th, I published a short story called Sticking The Landing about a cop and a gymnast reconciling old love. It’s vanilla, but it’s 18+ for a reason, kids (hint: cocks). Sticking The Landing retails for a low 99 cents (USD). 

After some trial and error, All Romance has approved me as an ebook publisher! This is ideal for readers who do not possess an ebook device.

Amazon (mobi, for Kindle)*  
All Romance (epub, mobi, pdf)
Smashwords (epub, mobi, pdf, rtf, lrf, pdb, txt)
Goodreads (feedback)

*Amazon links are available for the countries: US, Canada, India, the UK, Germany, France, Mexico, Italy, Japan, Brazil and Australia.
Some of the earlier versions on Amazon had embarrassing errors in them, so if your version is kind of borked (or the wrong file, oops!), you are owed a correct copy.

All questions, problems, typos, feed-back, etc., can be directed to an Ask or ccallenreese at gmail dot com. Data in this post is permanently available here.
If you are super broke and still want a copy, I will give you one for free if you tell me your favorite post or kink I write, plus your country or state.

I am working on my second title and still trying to hammer out the next chapters of Lucien and Milou and Reed.

Thank you all for your patience and support since September.


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