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I heard the creak of the door and looked up; my face then froze in horror and shock. There was Tyco’s father, filling the doorway with his enormous bulk, arms crossed over his barrel chest. He looked like he could shoot lasers out of his eyes. My instinct was to grab his clothes and run but I was petrified. That man could destroy me.
“W…what, why’d you stop? Don’t stop!” Tyco sweetly pleaded under me.
“T..tyco your dad is um…”

“HEY!” his father barked out, making them both jump. “Are you fucking my son in here?”
“… N-n-n-o sir, just..just leaving, actually,” I stammered.
“NO! If you’re going to fuck my son, you are going to finish. I don’t approve of you having sex in my favorite chair, but if you are going to penetrate my boy you are going to finish and make sure he enjoys it, or I will rip off your dick. Do you understand me?”

My eyes went huge. I wasn’t even sure if I could get a hard on anymore but I didn’t dare say so. “Y-y-y-y-yes sir.”
“Are you wearing protection?”
“Yes sir.” I squeak.
“Good lad then! Nothing but the best for my boy. Finish up, then we’ll meet in the kitchen for a drink.”

After his bear of a father had left, I looked down at Tyco, baffled. “What the hell just happened?"Tyco looked a big sheepish, "Daddy is very protective of my sex drive. His side of the family is full of teen pregnancies, STDs, testicular cancer, and impotence so he monitors my cock and sex drive. He checks me for ball and prostate cancer once a month, and I have to wear a chastity device on vacation and also I had to wear it through-out most of middle school. ”

“…Dude that’s… I mean… kind of …”
“I don’t really mind,” Tyco admits, “Cause Daddy wants the best for me. He found a cyst on my balls when it was still pretty small and we were able to get it removed before it was a problem. His checks do pay off. But… now that I’m allowed to pick my own partners, I’ve been crazy about getting laid, and I’ve been wanting for you weeks. Daddy’s cock is too big so he won’t fuck me, which drives me nuts since he’s denied me so many orgasms in my life. I’m making up for lost time now.”

I was aware at that point I might have been sticking my dick in crazy, but hell I was wearing protection and his ass was pretty incredible and tight anyway. So you know what? I finished. I fucked Tyco so hard we almost knocked the chair over. I made sure the whole house heard his orgasm. Wanted to make his father proud.


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