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When I came home, I originally thought I had walked into the wrong house. It sure looked like my house, but it was amazingly clean. The hardwood floors gleamed. The clutter was gone. Dust had been whisked away from the blinds and baseboard moulding. I walked through the house in a bit of a daze, like I was experiencing a show room instead of real life. The kitchen looked brand new; even the fridge had been purged, sterilized, and re-organized. As I wandered from room to room, I expected Gideon to pop out and want a hug from me, but the first floor was devoid of life. Well, human life, my tarantula in its terrarium was very much alive.

“Gideon…?” I whispered, shucking off my shoes before I ascended the stairs. Silence. I noticed the steps and the carpet at the top had been vacuumed. Good lord, he’d been busy!

I found my beloved boyfriend curled up asleep in my bed. Judging by the state of the bed, he was in the process of putting fresh sheets on the mattress when he curled up for a moment and just fell asleep. Poor thing, he was all tuckered out. We went skiing yesterday and then were up late edging and having sex – how he managed this much energy was a mystery. I worked in an office and today was draining for me even me.

I stood by the bed and watched him sleep, enamored by how precious he looked. He was entirely naked, which was all the more appealing. Recently Gideon had been expressing interest in sort of an alternative lifestyle in where the levels of equality are altered. I thought it was passing fetish, some kink he got into his head after finding some particular Tumblr blog or something… but the more I involved Gideon into my life, the more he seemed to fall into this role anyway. I see now that maybe it’s just naturally how he is. He wants to serve me. I lean over and kiss his forehead, but he’s so unconscious he doesn’t even stir. I cover him with blanket because he looks cold.

We’ll have to talk about this more in the morning. A Master/slave relationship might be too much for me, but a dom/sub or adult discipline relationship is definitely possible. A collar would look so pretty around his neck…and his ass would be a sight all pink if he misbehaved… plus, I could get used to the house like this.

I went back downstairs to the kitchen to scrounge up something to eat and found a previously missed note about lasagna warning in the oven. He made lasagna? That’s it, I’m keeping him, and he’s getting a big reward in the morning.

Post is fictional.


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