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Here is a professional shot of the rare, Urban Frilled Crane. On the first day of summer, this sleek creature finds the highest point in its territory and stands as tall as he can to survey his lands. Also, a higher vantage point means less to obscure views of him from potential mates. Having molted most of his winter coat down to bare skin, his frilled waist draws the eye immediately, Those with thick, stiff black frills with plenty of volume will attract a mate the quickest. Urban Frilled Cranes can hold this uncomfortable-looking position for hours, as special bony plates on their toes support the weight of the ankle and body.

As you can see, the upward position accentuates the calves, lengthens the legs, lifts the ass, and the wing positions frame the muscular, defined chest well. Some Urban Frilled Cranes have soft down on top of their heads; this sub species does not. However, his mate may or may not have down. A good frill attracts all suitors, and all suitors will be considered individually for a partner.

(Post is fictional. I tried for twenty minutes to find the identity of this dancer but could not find it. Drat. Last ballet reblog tonight, falling asleep here.)


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