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“So that was his neck, let’s see about the arms now… wow, 55 inches from shoulder to finger tip,” the doctor calls out to his assistant who jots it in the slave’s dossier. “Damn, this boy has some really long arms. He’s either headed for the orchards or to be tied to a king sized bed. Check these boxes Reginald – ‘long limbs’ and ‘might require oversized furnishing’.” Reginald did so, then patiently waited for the doctor to measure out the numbers for his waist, cock, and leg length. Having already been photographed for the catalog, the new slave was then sent on to be shaved, fitted with a cock cage and collar, and put back in the stable until evening exercise and dinner.

Long after he went home for the evening Reginald couldn’t stop thinking about that boy with the long arms, how graceful and beautiful and strong he was. Very obedient, patient. After working in this job for two years, the visual of naked men wasn’t instantly arousing as it used to be for Reginald. He was a small man though, and often fantasized about being taken advantage of by a bigger, stronger slave who had rebelled. Not that he’d tell ever anyone, of course, but the idea of being held down and jacked off by those long lean arms stayed with him for weeks.

If he saved up he could have purchased a slave like that in a couple months time, but he resided in a simple apartment in the city square. A tall, long-limbed slave was meant for Masters with land and space. Reginald was content with this. He liked to see the new meat go to good homes. In time, new boys would be paraded through the doctor’s office, and Reginald’s fantasies would have new fuel.


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