Gay Film Recommendations

I know I write porn, but I am also an avid follower of LGBT films…well, mostly the G. There is a lot of them, so I thought I’d offer some recommendations so you could have something to do over the weekend. The ones tagged with one star you can stream on Netflix in the US; two you can Add in your DVD queue. The rest you can buy, torrent, or illegally stream if you’re clever.

(By the way, I’m going to assume you’ve already seen the classics like Brokeback Mountain, Milk, and The Birdcage.)

1) The Weekend*

Aptly named, this somber beautiful story is about two combustible men and an unforgettable couple days of love and passion. Besides Brokeback Mountain, this is the one other gay film I won’t ever watch again because of how hard I cried at the end. I’m glad I watched it once though.

2) Patrik, Age 1.5**

A Swedish film about a gay couple who aim to adopt a son but a typo results in them taking home a different type of boy all together. The trauma of adjusting to this fractures their relationship, and they’re uncertain if they can save it. One of the funnier gay romance stories, a good date movie.

3) Christopher and His Kind*

A new addition to Netflix, this is based on the true story of British gay novelist Christopher Isherwood and his life and love in the increasingly Nazi Germany in the 1930s. This is a truly marvelous, moving biopic. It doesn’t hesitate to show penises and loud sex without shame, it’s funny, crass, unflinchingly English when it must be, yet can be serious without being awkward. Excellent cinematography as well… oh and Mr. Isherwood is portrayed by a Doctor Who actor Matt Smith. Yes, and Mr. Smith kisses boys. Watch it now.

4) Latter Days**

Set in Los Angeles mostly, Latter Days involves a closeted, optimistic Mormon preaching the word of God and his unexpected torrid affair with a shameless manwhore and party-boy. Laugh out loud funny. Out of all the films I’ve seen, this one most closely resembles m/m fiction as it is hell-bent on pulling heartstrings for that perfect, saccharine happily-ever-after.

5) C.R.A.Z.Y**

This coming of age story set in 1970s Montreal, C.R.A.Z.Y. tells the story of a young man growing up with four other brothers in a conservative household. The main character, Zac, struggles to feel comfortable in his sexual identity and yearns to be accepted by his father, although things never seem to go right. It’s a drama, but entertaining as hell and there’s a great scene involving Zac busting out a David Bowie cover. Definitely worth watching this several times – it has a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes!

6) Maurice**

This film is based on E.M. Forster’s novel about gay love at Cambridge in 1910, and it deals with themes of when being gay was a crime. Sexy and posh. Drink tea while watching. Has Hugh Grant in it.

Runners Up: Shelter; North Sea, Texas; Yossi & Jagger (very sad); Beautiful Things; You Can’t Curry Love; and the short film A Crimson Mark


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