End of the Year Post

It’s the end of 2013. I’m not gonna lie, this was not a good year for me in pretty much every way. I will say though that having 1950+ readers honestly has done wonders for my mental health, so thank you. Seriously. Thank you all. The messages you guys send me are ridiculous. I’ve given people boners! Mwuahaha.

Anyway. Ahem. The most Popular Posts for 2013 were mostly chastity posts:
The boyfriend/cat post people thought was real (oops)
(Also my tutorial on how to download videos if you’re not getting sound)

Here are the top caption posts for December:
Lucien deals with the death of a client
Brazos discovers his sexuality, but is set up by his dad
Corbin finds his subspace
Bern makes a bitch out of his boy
Tight Hole
Caden shows off for the internet
Sleeping Middle Eastern slave boy with an erection distracts his Master
Johnny plays with a toy
Henderson’s Finishing School of Sexual Obedience
Slave Donahue
Frat slut threeway
Robyn learns if he’s cut or not
Houseboy gets a puppy for Christmas
Adam talks with the Snake
Mickie and his boyfriend being adorable

Did I miss any? 

Here are the other Best-of Monthly Posts:

Lastly, a bit on my e-book Sticking the Landing: 9 total people in the US, UK, and Australia, have purchased it, and I’ve given 8 away. I know how that must look, considering my follower count, but my sales goal was 5. So, I’m really quite delighted. Here’s links on AmazonSmashwords, and Goodreads for review.

For 2014, my goals are to pump out more chapters to stories like my Lucien and Milou sagas, fix my tag list, and I also want to write more chastity stories. 

Again, thank you all for reading. We’re at 1965 readers at 1,039 posts total now. Happy New Year!


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