Typos in Sticking The Landing

Quick FYI – a kind reader in the UK pointed out there were some pretty serious typos in Sticking The Landing, including the fact I skipped chapter six and went right to seven! (wtf was I on crack?)

I uploaded an updated version to both Smashwords and Amazon; it might take Amazon up to 12 hours to update the file/for the link to go live. 

If you purchased this or were sent a free PDF and want a version sans typos, please e-mail or Ask me at ccallenreese at gmail.com. Please put your Tumblr name somewhere in the e-mail.

If you are first hearing about this or are a new follower, you can obtain your free PDF of my short story Sticking the Landing by sending me an Ask or an e-mail with these questions:
1) Your state or country.
2) Your favorite post of mine or kink I write about
3) If you like or dislike when I use the word “pussy”

I apologize for spamming your dashboards with this; it’s my first time self publishing so it’s a learning process. I will likely make another post about Sticking The Landing in my end of year review post, then I will probably post it only sporadically through-out January. 

Thank you readers!


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