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“Man that was some hunt today huh?" 
"I can’t believe the size of that buck we bagged.” Bob shook his head.
“Yeah me neither! 
"Hey I got an idea, why we don’t go back to my place? My cousin is staying with us and he’s an excellent cocksucker. I could sure go for a blowjob right about now.”
“….What? Getting your cock sucked by a dude? That’s not my thing Bob, I’m into chicks.”

“Oh come on Rusty, you’re getting it all wrong! Who knows cocks better, a man who was born with one or a chick? AJ does this thing with his fingers over your balls during climax…man you will have a seizure it feels so good. How’s this for a deal – if you don’t like it, I’ll buy you a hooker in apology.”
“Noooow you’re talking. Alright, I’ll try this out, but I ain’t no fag.”
“It’s not about bein a fag! Rusty, it’s about the best blowjob of your life. Trust me on this.”
Sigh.“Ok. Fine. But if you’re buying me a hooker, I want a Latina girl.”

[Next year’s hunting trip…]

“Hey Frank, wanna go back to Bob’s place and get blowjobs? His cousin AJ does has this ridiculous technique, it’s like being jerked by an angel.”
“What? Rusty I didn’t think you were gay!”
“Pfft, I used to be the same way Frank. I’m straight but man, Bob was right – men know their way around a cock way better than any chick. AJ is a total pro at this the way Tiger Woods is about golf. It’s better than porn star quality. You should experience what AJ does to your balls. You’ll have wet dreams about it later, fantasize about it while driving…”
“…Sounds like you’re making it up.”
“Fuck no, Frank! Come on, let’s go get Bob and go back to his place. AJ will be happy to see us.”


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