Sticking The Landing is OUT!

My short story Sticking The Landing is out on Smashwords HERE! It will go up on Amazon tonight soon for easy sync with your Kindle (takes 12 hours to approve), and I will have a Goodreads account soon as well. Sticking the Landing is on sale for 99 cents (USD) and is available on all e-book formats, including PDF. There is also a preview option. I have put so many hours into this short story and your support would be very appreciated. This is the summary:

Jonas Li and Fin Davidson thought their college romance would last forever, but between Fin’s brutal gymnastics schedule and Jonas’s commitment to the Police Academy, there wasn’t even time for a kiss. Unable to reconcile, they both accepted it was the end…until six years later when an emergency suddenly thrusts Fin back into Officer Li’s life. Is there still a chance to save broken love?

If there are errors, broken formatting, or complaints, PLEASE MESSAGE ME either by an Ask or to Please review it if you like it.

If you want a PDF copy for free, you can send me an Ask or Fanmail answering these three questions:

1) Your country or state of residence
2) Your favorite post or kink I write about
3) If you like or dislike when I use the word “pussy”.

I’ll reply with a link for you to download it, although I will e-mail it if you provide an address.

Thank you everyone for reading, I hope you like it!


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