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“What…?” I wedge my shovel in the dirt, “You don’t know if your cock is cut or not?”
He stutters, “I …um.. no. I was sick with the flu that week in sex ed, and my parents were super up-tight. They didn’t want any ‘dirty books’ in the house.”
I look at Jeff and he’s trying his hardest not to snicker. We already give our co-worker a lot of shit for being named Robyn, but I’ve been active in trying to be nicer to the kid.
“Well Rob, I suppose it’s about time you learned!” I pull off one of my gloves and unzip my pants. I slip my hand in and heft out my cock and balls. “This is what a circumcised penis looks like.”
His jaw drops at my actions and his face turns red, “That’s – your.. oh my god. ”
Jeff spit his chewing gum into the hole we were digging. “…Oh come on, Robyn, don’t tell me you’ve never seen another man’s wiener before? Not in the locker room or nothing?”
“N-n-n-no..” he replies.
Jeff can’t contain it anymore and explodes with laughter. While slapping his knee he yells, “We got ourselves a doe eyed virgin here!”
“Oh be nice Jeff, at least he doesn’t have to look at your ugly dick.”
“Hey, the Doctor said it was the ugliest genitalia he’d ever seen. In his whole career. And he’s like 60. I’m proud of it.”

I look over at Robyn. He’s still staring at my cock like someone glued his vision to it.
“What?” I say to him.
He jerks back as if I snapped him out of a daze, “It’s just… it’s just… more…you know, big. It’s more, what’s the word…inflated?”
Behind me I hear Jeff start to wheeze.
“Well, I don’t like to cum for a few days, makes it more fun that way. Keeps it nice and fat. Man it feels good with the breeze on it, shame we can’t work naked.”
Robyn’s face is still the color of strawberries. “I …um.” He rips his eyes away and busies himself with a flat of morning glories. “Well I guess I’m uncut then.”
“Well there you go Robyn! You finally get an answer to that.” I tuck my package back in my pants and zip up. Jeff seems to be having problems breathing from this hilarious little encounter and has stumbled off to the truck to get his inhaler. When he’s out of ear shot I side up to Robyn and say low under my breath, “Ya know kid if you’re ever curious about what it’s like with another man, just ask. I let a lot of curious college kids play with it. Ya know, if you want. Never too late for sex ed.”
Robyn’s eyes are the size of tea saucers. He makes an excuse to go get water and flees. 

You can imagine my shock when our doe-eyed virgin took me aside three weeks later and told he had questions…so many, many questions.


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