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Logan had to remind himself he was supposed to be watching and learning from his mentor, but it was challenging to focus. The way that boy Liam was keening and moaning was erotic as hell. Every time Ryan thrusted in and hit his spot, Liam’s toes curled too. His arms were also over his head, fingers twisted in the pillow. Logan yearned to have a taste of that sweet ass – he loved an eager bottom that could take some force. Logan wanted to make that boy cry out like that. He massaged his crotch to soothe his aching erection.

He had to wait. The older, experienced dominant top in the room got to go first. You’re supposed to be learning from this, Logan reminded himself. He tried to watch how Ryan was handling Liam, what he was doing with his hands and how he moved his hips. But what he was learning is that he didn’t like watch other people play with boys he wanted.

Logan blinked. Ryan had said to him earlier – you’ll come into your own eventually. Is that what he’d meant? That he’d be jealous when he got horny? Logan didn’t like the thought that he would could potentially turn into a possessive asshole. He would have to ask Ryan about that later about why seeing horny bottoms made him feel animalistic things. Maybe that was just what being a top was. God help him.

Ryan grunted and arched forward. Logan watched him ejaculate into that boy’s tight and quivering body. Sweat was dripping from temple. He wasn’t letting Liam cum yet though.

Ryan gave a few lazy thrusts. He pulled out with a moan and rubbed the boy’s flank. “Good boy. Fuck there’s cum everywhere,” he muttered. He reached for tissues. Logan desperately wanted him to move out of the way so he could get in there. Liam was pleading for him to keep pounding him.
Then finally: “Ok Logan. Your turn. Finish both of you off. I’m going to watch your technique.”

“Fuck yeah,” Logan muttered. He felt Ryan’s gaze on him. “And um, thank you. I’m going to make him scream when he cums.”
“You better,” Ryan warned him. “He deserves it.”
“I will.” Logan hurried to get out of his thong. He practically tripped over it as he couldn’t take his eyes off Liam, so beautiful and open and wet with lube and cum…Jesus Christ, the yearning to have him made the world fall away around them.

Captions are fictional.


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