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“Rest up, love.” Raul drapes a blanket over his boy’s body and leaves him to rest in the late afternoon sun.

Back in the living room, Raul picked up his phone en route to the bathroom to take a shower. He places a call.

“Hey Sonny, I got your texts.”
“Heeeyy there you are. I was beginning to get a bit worried since you hadn’t replied all day.”
Raul winced. “So sorry to make you worry. It’s Christmas, my boy got unlocked and got to cum today. We’ve been um, busy.”
“OH. How did I not think about that? Oohhhhh, yeah that explains it. How many orgasms did you get out of him?”
“Three,” Raul says with pride in his voice.
Sonny chuckled. “No wonder you haven’t been answering the phone.”
“Hopefully you’re having a jolly time?”
“I’m baby-sitting Matt’s pup boy for a while as Matt hangs out with family. Jasper’s hilarious. When Matt comes over, we’ll probably hook up.”
“Good. You need to have a white and sticky Christmas too. Did Jasper make a giant mess with the paper?”
“Ohhhh you bet. I’m going to be finding scraps for weeks.”
Raul laughed.

They had a chat and eventually Raul hung-up so he could go shower. He was looking forward to having a nice evening ahead of eating a tasty dinner, watching movies, and cuddling with his boy. He’d be exhausted and need a whole evening of aftercare. Raul couldn’t wait – he just wanted to spoil the hell out of his love.

Oh yeah, and they still had to open the presents!

Captions are fictional.


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