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A pink Christmassy stretch

Julian stares at the lights of the Christmas tree while absentmindedly running his hands over his body. He knows he should put his pajama shirt back and pants back on and go back to bed; the longer he stays down here, the longer he risks Felix catching him. The surprise would be ruined.

Julian smirks to himself at the thought of what tomorrow morning held. Oh, it was going to be glorious. Felix was going to be so confused. “Pink lingerie? You weren’t wearing this when you went to bed,” he’d say. And then Julian would explain how he waited until Felix fell asleep and slid out of bed to put the lingerie on under his pajamas.

“Merry Christmas,” Julian plans to say, as he strips off his pajamas and reveals everything. Julian wonders if he should stand up to do the reveal, or just let Felix undress him. Hmm. Planning a surprise is hard. Especially when you make yourself horny in the middle of it.

Captions are fictional.


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