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Jimmy dries himself, but in this warmth, the sun helps as much as the towel does. He lazily pats himself and glances out at the mountains. Half a week in Palm Springs and they still had not lost their novelty. Not something you usually see on the horizon in Omaha.

His attention is broken by the feeling he’s being watched. Jimmy turns around slowly. Another guest is standing in doorway of one of the rooms in this upscale motel that catered primarily to a certain male demographic. Jim turns to face him, not caring to hide his nudity. The man is wearing only denim shorts.
“Yes?” Jimmy says.
The man crooks his finger.
Jim walks closer to the stranger and stops about ten feet from his room.
The man’s gaze roams over Jim’s body. “I have been wanting to get a better look at your tattoos ever since I saw you at that cafe yesterday morning.”
Jimmy drapes the towel over his arm and holds hands up and away from his body
The man takes his time in looking. He crosses and uncrosses his arms, fidgeting the whole time. “Are you staying here with anyone?”
“Nope.” Jimmy says, “And in case you are wondering, I’m a top.”
The man blinks. A smirk appears on his face. He steps to the side and gestures for Jim to come into his room.
Jim drapes his towel over a chaise lounge chair, and heads inside. As he passes the stranger, Jim stops for a close look at his face. He reaches up nonchalantly and thumbs his chin. “Such a pretty face. I think I want you on your back. What is your name?”
“I’m Jimmy. Tell me you have condoms Chris?”
Chris gestures to the coffee table. There’s three different open boxes in a bowl with packets spilling out.
Jimmy is deeply pleased by this, and his cock starts to stiffen. Jim walks over to the fridge, opens it, and considers its contents. He grabs two bottles of water and throws one to Chris. Chris catches it.
“You’re going to need this after all the sweating you’re going to be doing.”
A flicker of excitement crosses Chris’s face. Chris grabs Jim’s wrist and takes him to the bedroom; Jimmy barely has time to grab a handful of condoms. Jimmy stops Chris at the threshold by pushing him against the door and kissing him. The noise Chris makes at being kissed causes Jimmy to break out in goosebumps over his bare skin. Jimmy throws his water bottle and condoms on the bed so he can use both hands to unbutton Chris’s shorts. He’s about five seconds from just ripping them off.

Captions are fictional.


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