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Lawrence waved his hand. “Have them turn forward now.”
The handler pressed a button that made a noise in the room with one way glass and they turn. Lawrence sipped his wine. “This is too difficult, they’re all beautiful. May I have all three?”
“All three?” the handler repeated. He couldn’t fathom spending that much in one night.
“Yes. Think of the fun. I do like them losing control and enjoying each other. You don’t let them masturbate right?”
“Delightful, they will be eager. Yes, send all three. It’s a holiday tomorrow, might as well be up all night.”
“Might as well. Yes sir, I’ll send all three up to your room.”
“Delightful, thank you. I’ll be up once I finish this glass.” Lawrence checked his phone. There was a message from his husband, Theo: Which one did you pick?
Lawrence texted back: I splurged and went with all three.
All three??? Theo’s message was accompanied with laughing emojis. Why on earth? How are you going to manage?
Lawrence sipped and wrote back: Oh I’ll manage. And I needed three. That’s how many it takes to replace one of you in the bedroom.
Theo texted back a serious of crying emojis. You’re so sweet. I love you, and hate I had to go on a work trip.
Lawrence scoffed. I love you, but don’t lie, you also love China, I know you’re having a great time despite your meetings.
The food and tea have indeed been amazing, but my bed is half empty and I still miss you.
Lawrence smiled. My bed is also half empty. Miss you and love you too.
Theo wrote back: Love you. Now go enjoy those boys and text me all the exploits. I even want to know if they’re circumcised.
Lawrence chuckled.Yes dear. Lawrence inserted a heart into the message and sent it.

Lawrence exhaled. He finished his wine and set down the glass. Now that he was loosened up, it was time to get busy. And thank god for being busy! Lawrence was desperate for some way to pass the time until Theo came home to him.

Captions are fictional.


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