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Your boyfriend was having a nap on the couch. He wasn’t a fan of wearing clothes around the house, and you were happy to agree to his request for personal comfort. Who doesn’t want to see their boyfriend’s dick like every waking moment? It surprised you that you were much more captivated by his ass. You can’t help but approach your boyfriend as he naps, and caress the warm curve of his buttcheek with your palm. You’re careful not to wake him up. You exhale as the warmth of his skin heats your palm. You’re utterly in love, captivated by his beauty and perfection. You watch him sleep a moment longer and force yourself to move on and stop being a bit creepy.

As you walk away, you find yourself craving one of the fresh peaches in the bowl in the kitchen. You select a ripe one, fuzzy and unblemished, ready for eating. As you cut it up, your mind begins to form a scene about dripping peach juice on his ass and licking it off the back of his balls. You nearly slice your finger in the process and chide yourself for fantasizing. God, it’s unfair how your boyfriend has this effect on you from doing literally nothing.

Captions are fictional.


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