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Jim sighed. The sun was setting and he was hungry. He had two days to get to his new job, and like 500 miles to cover. He wasn’t a pretty blonde girl either, so Jim knew he was at a disadvantage. People could think he was aggressive, people could think he was a drug dealer or a weed grower or draft dodger. Jim considered his last option. He was probably close enough to San Francisco that it was relevant he was gay. Jim glanced at the rolling hills in the distance. But it was rural enough that it could be also dangerous to be gay. The breeze brought a chill and Jim sighed again.

He set his backpack down, unzipped his pants, and pushed them down enough to show off his butt. He had been working as a tree planter and his body was toned from summer work. His jeans were a tad too fitted, but maybe it would work to his advantage. Maybe. Jim also raised his thumb to signify he needed a ride. 

A car drove past. Another. His arm was tiring quicker now. God, was this lowest moment? His stomach grumbled. Jim debated if the time he gave a blowjob in exchange for dinner was the lowest moment. But that guy was hot, even though he was married, and Jim had enjoyed sucking him off; and the grilled steak was worth it too. But that was in the woods near a campsite. This was on a public road. A pick up truck went by. No, this was probably dumb. There could be children in these cars.

Jim decided this was definitely dumb. Another car went by. He put his hands on his waistband and went to pull up his pants. But the car ahead of him pulled onto the shoulder and slowed down. Jim froze, pants pulled up but not buttoned. A man got out of the car. The man walked up until he was in shouting distance. Bit of a lumberjack type, full beard, flannel shirt. “Need a ride?”
Jim was so stunned he actually looked over his shoulder to see if anyone was behind him. That made the man laugh. “I ain’t talking to a deer, I’m talking to you. That’s what you were asking for right?”
Jim buttoned his pants. “Y-yeah,” he stammered, “I just can’t believe it worked.”
The man laughed again. He had a big smile and great teeth. “Oh it worked. Not every day you see a moon during the day. Where you headed?”
Jim blushed again. “North as possible. I got a forestry job over the winter at Olympia National Forest, and need to get to Tacoma.”
“Well ya lucky bastard, I’m going to my parent’s place north of Seattle, in Bellingham.”
“Are you serious?”
“Sure am. They’re selling their home and downsizing, and I’m coming to help and take a bunch of our family stuff back home with me. Would love some company. Someone to share a hotel room with, really.”
“I can pay a little bit to help with that,” Jim said eagerly.
The lumberjack waved. “I don’t want your money. I want to see what you look like with your jeans off.”
Jim’s eyebrows went up. “Then I’ll take em off before I get in your car if it means you’ll get me to Washington.”
The man grinned wider. “I would enjoy that, but let’s wait until it’s dark.” They introduced themselves as Jim and Frank, shook hands, and walked back to Frank’s car together.

“Oh one sec,” Frank said before he walked over to the driver’s side of his car. He unzipped his pants. “Don’t mind if I pee real fast do you?”
“Oh not all,” Jim said.
The lumberjack pulled himself out; he wasn’t wearing underwear. Jim couldn’t tear his eyes away. What an absolutely stud he was, uncut and hairy too.
“You ain’t worried about getting stuff caught in the zipper?” Jim asked.
“Oh not at all. I ain’t been wearing underwear for a long time,” the lumberjack smirked as he buttoned his pants and walked around to the driver’s side door.
Oh.” Was all Jim could think to say as he got into the passenger side. He was turned on, hungry, and finding it hard to think. 500 miles didn’t seem like enough of a distance all of a sudden.

Captions are fictional.


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