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Andy snapped his gum. “Oh hi Justin!”
“Hi sweetheart. You got a new haircut.”
“I did, you like it?”
“Love it.” Justin insisted. “How’s work today?”
Andy ran his fingers under the hem of his thong and snapped it. “Doing great, feeling great. Thanks to you.”
“You did all the work,” Justin insisted.
Andy smiled. “I appreciate you so much.”
“Love you too. Now get out there, make the boys happy.”
Andy stuck out his butt. “Say that, but give me a spank.”
“Get out there and make the boys happy!” and Justin punctuated that with an open palm smack on that beautiful round ass.
“Woo!” Andy grinned and winked at him and danced down the bar.
Justin chuckled to himself and shook his head. What a character.

The man sitting next to Justin turned to look at him. “Is that your boyfriend?” He pointed in Andy’s direction.
Justin took a sip of his drink. “No, that’s my client.”
“Oh, I get it, he’s your escort?”
“No no, you have a bit wrong. I’m his therapist.”
The man blinked. He looked at Andy gyrating on the bar with confidence and glee and glanced back at Justin. “Are you taking new patients?”

Captions are fictional.


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