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Tanner looked down at his cock and sighed. Why did he shave his pubes for a guy? Why? It looked so silly. “Oh the stupid things we do for men,” he said to himself. He gently worked his fist up and down his shaft as it stiffened in his hand. Well it did make his cock look bigger, but more pitiful. It was extra-naked! Tanner gave it some sympathy strokes. “Don’t you worry, it’ll grow back. We’ll do some nice exfoliating and skin care, and then I’ll find you a nice man to play with you and who can milk you dry – make you shoot all the way across the room! I owe it to you, that last one was a real mistake. I blame the alcohol.”
Tanner could have sworn his erection seemed a bit prouder now. I think I have a nice cock though,” he said to himself. “Someone out there has to love my thick chubby cock in a small pair of panties though. Just have to find that person who won’t be able to keep their hands off me, maybe someone who will lean over and whisper in my ear at the line in Starbucks: Are you horny sweetheart? Is the silk rubbing on you the right way? Why don’t we go into the restroom before we leave and see how far your foreskin is pulled back and how wet you are.”
Tanner groaned and increased his speed. “Fuck, I should have stayed home and focused on myself this weekend instead of going out. Even my fantasies are making me hotter than that guy ever did!”

Captions are fictional. Regardless of the caption….that’s like a perfect cock.


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