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“What do you think? Too much?”
“No, you look fantastic in pink. I’m so glad to see an increasing amount of color in your wardrobe.”
Justin pulled the tank top down and smiled. “Thank you Daddy. I’ve wanted to buy more colors since I was a kid. I felt like I was getting away with something when I bought this tank.”
“What do you think is going to happen?”
Justin messed with the hem. “I’m worried my dad will catch me, I think.”
Manuel lifted Justin’s chin with his pointer finger and kissed him. “Even if he did, so what? You’re an adult. You can wear what you want.”
Justin blinked. “I mean you’re right, but he’s so mean. He’s so intimidating.”
Manuel caressed the line of Justin’s jaw with the back of his fingers. “I’ll keep you protected from him, sweetheart. You are mine, love, not his. Who has the lock on your cock?”
“You,” Justin whispered.
“That’s right.”
“Been wanting a chastity cage for a long while too. Teenage me would be so jealous of me now.”
Manuel smiled. “Imagine what teenage Justin will think of you ten years from now.”
“He won’t even recognize me.”
“Damn straight. So, what pants are you going to wear with that tank top?”
Justin glanced down. “I kinda of feel fully dressed.”
Manuel grinned. “As much as I agree with you, I don’t think the Broken Yolk is going to agree with you. Nor all their patrons.”
“Hmm. Ya know, for all the talk about color, I think black pants is the way to go.”
“Black pants,” Manny purred. He ran his hands down Justin’s flanks. “Can I pick out your black pants?”
“Oh? Why do you want to do that?”
“So I can find the tightest ones.”
“You like me restrained don’t you?” Justin asked.
Manny kissed him. “Yes. I think when we get back from brunch I need to tie you up and leave a vibrator in you for a while.”
Justin’s eyebrows shot up. “You said that very casually.”
“It’s an average Saturday for me.” Manny grinned. “So I suggest you eat a lot at brunch. Actually. Maybe I should put a vibrator in you before brunch…”
Justin’s eyes went wider. “You wouldn’t! That would be such torment.”
Manny walked out of the bathroom and into their bedroom closet to dig around in the toybox. He came out holding a small cylindrical object. “What could be better than having an egg for brunch?”
Justin felt his cock strain against the metal sleeve in his pants. “I have a feeling I don’t have a much on this choice.”
“Nope!” Manuel chirped. “It’ll be on the lowest, intermittent setting though. You’ll barely feel it. But you will feel it.”
Justin whimpered. It was a curse to be with a man who turned him so much. Teenage Justin had no idea what adventures he was going to get himself into one day. He had a feeling even if he went back in time to warn himself, he’d still be standing in this exact spot regardless.

Captions are fictional.


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