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“Two fingers! Much looser. Wearing that plug is working out well for you. Hand me the lube so I can put this back in, boy. After dinner we’ll test out how many inches of mine you can take now. You’re making great progress, I have a feeling I’ll be impressed with you later.” He lubricated the plug and slipped it back in. His boy squeaked. John pulled his boy’s sweatpants back up and swatted him on the butt with his clean hand. “There we go.”
“Fuck I’m already so horny…”
“The chastity cage is working as intended then. Don’t get distracted now, you need to make dinner still.”
“Yes sir. I won’t get distracted and burn it Sir.”
“That’s a good boy now. I’d hate to punish you when you’ve been making so much progress.”
“I like being told I’m making progress, Sir. Not good at very much…”
“Tsk. That cannot be true. You just haven’t found things you excel at. But it looks like that changing isn’t it?”
The boy smiles. “Yes, it does. I’m going to go make dinner.”
“Thatta boy. You excel at that too.”

Captions are fictional.


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