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Porter waits for it, heart in his throat. Despite emptying the full reserve of cum from his bull-sized nuts, Liam’s erection lingers. He thrusts once – twice, more as deep as he can against Porter’s prostate. Porter bellows into the pillow as the orgasm kicks off; he gushes cum all over the bed and fist. Imaging that turgid cock pushing through all its seed to unload more always put him over the edge. There is little that feels more right than being the cumdump for Liam’s superior cock and his loads. It is where he belonged, taking it. Porter moans into the bed as he floated high on a spinning cloud. Liam slips out and his cum spills down Porter’s crack and balls. The humiliation makes him tremble in joy.

Ten minutes later, Liam strolls into the bedroom and hands Porter a mug. “Hot chocolate ok?”
“Well it’s winter isn’t it.” Porter takes the mug, trying not to move much. He had just pulled himself to sitting position. It took a few minutes after Liam bred him to remember how his bones and muscles worked. “Ah there’s marshmallows. Cute.”
Liam sits down on the bed, careful not to spill his own mug or touch the wet spot on the sheets. He wiggles his butt until his back rests against the pillows.
“Also Dave said he’s gonna order pizza in a bit, if we want.”
“Yeah that’d be nice. I’m gonna be starving soon,” Porter replies. He blows on his hot chocolate and then sips it. “Mmnn.”
They watch the shadows of tree leaves move on the back of the curtains.
Porter glances over at Liam. “Man, even soft, it’s still huge. Like twice the size of mine.”
Liam chuffs air through his nose. “I love dudes, cause they’re always the ones who say stuff like that. My wife never does.”
“She doesn’t compliment your cock?” Porter asks. He reaches over and holds it in his hand, admiring the heft of it.
“She tells me I have a big cock, sure. But it’s not in the same way you do. You have a tone of awe. You admire it, and I love that. My wife uses a tone that implies that she can’t believe she got it in her. I tell her we got two kids as proof, but I think she doesn’t believe me. She gets his kind of post-period amnesia where she forgets how horny it makes her,” Liam says wryly.
Porter grins. “Neither one of your kids was planned were they?”
Liam scoffs. “Absolutely not.”
Porter snickers.
“Wouldn’t change it for the world though. We wanted kids. Just you know, ‘men plan, god laughs’ sort of thing.”
Porter nods. “Yeah. We had to plan ours cause it took a while to get pregnant.”
“How is Maisie doing?” Liam asks.
“She’s doing fine. She’s began running again now that she’s done breastfeeding, and frankly, looks absolutely radiant.”
Liam smiles. “Are you gonna try for a second at some point?”
“I think we’re gonna wait until Caroline is in school.”
Liam nods. “By that point I’ll probably have four,” he grumbles.
“Woe is you, the curse of a fertile bull. In the old days, you’d have bastard child in every major city in every continent.”
“Back in the old days, there would be a boy with a wet hole in every major city in every continent so there wouldn’t be a million bastards.”
Porter snorts. “Or I’d just follow you around just to take your seed every night.”

Liam raises an eyebrow. “You sure you’re bi, not gay?”
“Oh I’m sure I’m bi. I think there’s an expectation that since you’d bi, you like men and women half as much to create one whole sexuality. That is so not true.” Porter makes a sweeping hand gesture. “I got two whole sexualities in one. Maisie makes me insane, and you make me insane. I got two sets of needs, and I need to fulfill both of them.”
“That please me to hear. I do like fulfilling you.” Liam smirks at Porter and takes a sip of his drink.
“Not as much as I enjoy receiving it. Do you feel the same way, about having two whole sexualities?”
“Maybe? Cause I feel like my sexual needs are very well defined. Women have one role in sex for me, men in the other. If I want to have a hard fast rut to empty my balls fully? Must be a man. If want to make love and have it be playful and fun, with toys and stuff? Must be a woman. Reproduction? Woman. Urge to dominate and breed something? Man.”
Porter digests this. “Hard not to feel like that’s how it’s naturally supposed to be you know. Love being under you during that last one.“
Liam smirks. “Love feeling you quiver as I fill you with my cum. But you know, every time I question my bisexuality, I remember where God put men’s G-spots and then I stop questioning.”
Porter grins. “Well you know where mine is.”
“I do. You know Porter, I’m real glad we have this ‘Sunday afternoon football’ meet up thing worked out. I don’t know what we’d do if we couldn’t do this once a week.”
Porter chews on a marshmallow. “We’d find a way. But as long as Dave lets us use his spare room, we’ll be alright.”
“God bless your friend Dave.”
“Indeed. He’s gonna make a man real happy one day.”
“Yeah he is.”

Liam’s phone chimes. He picks it up. “Dave’s ordering pizza. Wanna place an order?”
“Fuck yeah. Cheese, onions, and sausage.”
Liam snorts. “Sausage huh.”
“Yeah, tell em, big and meaty. Uncut. Slap the whole kielbasa on that pizza and fucking bake it.”
Liam laughs. “God you’re ridiculous.”
Porter shrugs. “I know what I like.”

Captions are fictional.


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