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Damien kisses his boyfriend on the cheek. “Tanner, I choose you.”
“Aw. That was so cheesy. Wait, is that why you insisted on these outfits, for that pun?”
“Yes. Also because you’re adorable. I caught you, but you caught my eye.”
“No more Pokemon puns,” Tanner states.
“I have a list.”
Damien giggled at his boyfriend’s exasperated eye roll.

“I’m going to shock you,” Tanner threatens.
“oo baby, I didn’t know you were into that. Pika pika on the street, Team Rocket in the sheets?”
Tanner rubs his hands on the wool sweater, and touches his finger to Damien’s cheek. To his astonishment, it actually shocks him.
“Ah! You shocked me.” Damien gasps. “Oh my god, how did you do that?”
Tanner pushes up his sleeves and grins. “Don’t mess with Pikachu, baby.”

Captions are fictional.


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