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KC cracked his gum and grinned. “Like what you see huh?”
The guy sitting across from him turned red and squirmed. “Like you don’t want people to look. On a public train of all things.”
“I got a big dick, it’s not like I can hide it. But come on, kinda hypocritical aren’t we? Your bulge tells it’s own story. Looks like a metal sleeve to me.” KC’s grin shifted to a smirk.
“Fuck, you can tell?” he whined. He folded his hands over his lap.
KC snorted. “I mean, yeah, but only cause I know what I’m lookin for. And you’re wearing some tight ass jeans. Balls must be feelin kinda tight in there huh? When’s the last time someone let you cum?”
“That’s none of your business.” The guy snapped. He glanced around the train nervously, but this early in the morning there wasn’t many people on – and not at this end of the car. 
“Actually, it is my business.” KC cracked his gum again. “Cause I wanna know if you woke up desperately horny this morning and climbed onto someone’s lap. Wanna know if someone put a load up you this morning, and if there’s room for mine. You wet back there?
The guy’s face darkened a shade and swallowed. Under his palm, he felt the jeans turn damp. “Fuck,” he muttered.
KC chuckled. “Guess not. You’d love a fuck wouldn’t you? I bet you’re still super horny from when you woke up huh?”
“Y-yeah…” he admitted. “But I’m always horny. I assume you assumed that.”
“I did. Pretty hot. Are you wearing a plug this morning? Wait no. Don’t tell me. I wanna find out. Let’s get off on Ellen Street. There’s a bathroom at that station, and this early, it’ll be clean. Would love to put my morning load up you.”
“Fuck, I hate how slutty it makes me sound to agree to that, but I’m so horny I feel like sitting on a washing machine would set me off. Can’t take my eyes off that cock of yours…would feel so good up my hole…”
“Have you ever cum from being fucked?”
The young man shook his head. “One of these days. I get so close and then it just slips away. It’s so maddening.”
Hot.” KC groaned. “I don’t have the time to handle a locked boy, but I’m jealous of who ever handles you. Surprised he doesn’t want your ass first thing in the morning.”
“We don’t-”

We are approaching St. Rufford Square. Next stop, St. Rufford Square. Exit will be on the left. 

The young man started again. “We don’t live together, yet. His lease isn’t up.”
“Guess you just have to wait for him to have time to over and milk you.” KC licked his lower lip. “Also hot. Well, I’m here and I got a load-” 

The train stopped at St. Rufford Square.  People came on. The conversation halted. But KC was still smirking at the guy across the aisle. At Ellen Street, they silently got off the train together.

Captions are fictional.


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