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Taylor Zakhar Perez in MINX | 1.04

“So…are you in the mood?”
“The mood?” Rocky repeated. He rubbed the back of his hair and climbed onto the bed. “I mean, we’re in a motel room…”
“Yeah, but you seem nervous. You still want to go through with it?”
“Well,” Rocky stammered. “Just like. Um. Well. Are you in the mood? Like do you still want to do it with me? Cause like if you don’t I-”
“Get on the bed and lie on your back.”
Rocky raised an eyebrow. “O…kay..” he kicked off his shoes and got on the bed, propping his head up so he could see
Matías standing at the foot of the bed. “Now what?”
“Ask me that question again.”
“Which one?”
Matías tried to suppress his smile. “If I still want to do it with you.”
Rocky swallowed. He messed with the hem of the bedspread where it was folded over. “Do you still want to do it with me?”
Matías began to undo his shirt.
“What are you doing?” Rocky asked. He didn’t mean to sound so panicked.
Matías didn’t say anything, he just smiled, and continued undressing. He paused with his hands on his waistband, making sure their eyes were locked. Rocky’s eyes were wide and he hadn’t blinked in nearly a minute. Just seeing his bare stomach gave him such an intense feeling of desire. He wanted to touch Matías, caress him, trace that faint trail of hair south… Rocky’s mouth felt dry.

Matías pushed his pants down and stepped out of his clothes.
“Oh my god.” Rocky barely got the words out of his throat and nearly choked on them. He put his fist to his mouth and chewed on his thumbnail. “Jesus Christ. You’re – you’re naked.” He made a gesture with his other hand. “There is a naked man just -, well, you are very naked-”
“Does this answer your question?”
Rocky nodded rapidly.
“Do you still want to do it with me?”
“Yeah,” he squeaked.
“Good. Cause I bought all this stuff to try on you…” he climbed onto the bed between Rocky’s legs.
Rocky’s gaze rose from
Matías’s cock to his gaze.  “Stuff?” he said in one octave higher than before.
“Yes. Cause I knew you needed special, delicate handling to make it feel good for you.”
Matías finally saw Rocky blink.
“But first we need to get these pants off. Can I take your pants off?”
“Yeah, that’s gine, I mean that’s good, it’s fine. It’s fine.”
Matías chuckled. “First task is getting you to relax.”
“Then the second?”
Matías smirked and his eyes caught the light of the bedside lamp, giving the impression there was a spark in there. “Stimulation.”
Rocky swallowed hard. “Jesus Christ.” He crossed himself.
Matías chuckled. “Are you inviting a third man to join us?”
Rocky’s eyes went wide again. “Maybe – maybe um, I shouldn’t – be doing this.”
“Who cares if you should or shouldn’t? Do you want to?”
Matías undid Rocky’s zipper and parted back the fabric to reveal a straining bulge underneath. Rocky didn’t answer, but his chest was moving faster now.
Matías smirked again. “Good.” And he lowered his mouth.

Captions are fictional. I’ve never heard of this TV show, no idea who these people are.


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