Hello! I wanted to ask if you also post your writing on other social platforms too, like Twitter or bdsmlr?


Honestly, I can’t figure out if people actually use bsmdlr. I don’t post my writing in other places because having to go through and fix all the edits on multiple places would be very difficult. I would also have to download and upload all the photos and gifs which would would be difficult. I suppose I could just link back to Tumblr, but due to the adults restrictions a lot of my photos and posts are getting nuked and hidden so there would be broken links everywhere.

I’ve been trying for a couple years to upload my backups to a WordPress blog but there’s some issue with the domain name not syncing and we can’t seem to figure out why it’s not working right. And there’s no real guarantee that it won’t get nuked there too.

I have considered just offering up my backups as a download, but again you run into the issue of having to correct the edits. There is also a weird thing where the backup separates the photos and the caption as separate things in the same folder. So in order to read every caption you’d have to open the picture and then open the notepad file and it would be very tedious and not very efficient.

So if somebody has a magic solution to this please let me know. Thanks.

PS: Some of my more established readers will remember that I released a couple short stories a while ago, and I have completely lost track of where they exist on the internet.

Also due to the fact that a lot of people left Tumblr after the adult restrictions were in place, I don’t really think I have much of an audience to actually sell writing much to anymore. I don’t really know how accurate my follower count is, I think I only have about 10 active readers despite 9000 followers just based on my likes. So it’s really hard to tell how much effort I should put in into dispersing my writing. But I keep writing for those 10 or so. Even if they got nuked.


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