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Santa was surprised to receive an unexpected letter at the North Pole: “Dear Santa – I’m all grown up, but I never got to experience Christmas as a child. I have been a naughty young man this year, which means I was a good boy right? So wouldn’t you come visit me? You must miss adult company a lot. I live on a ranch and your reindeer can graze. And it’s cold, so it will feel like home.”

Santa couldn’t resist such a nice letter, and after his route was over, he made a special stop in Montana. Timothy was very much a nice boy with naughty ideas. It was a new way to relax after the busiest day of the year. Even though Santa fell asleep shortly after, he woke up late in the night with an empty stomach. Santa couldn’t help slipping out of bed in the middle of the night to grab a cookie. But the lights came on! Timothy caught him. “Oh Santa, are you leaving already?”

“No, Timmy, I’m just grabbing a snack, you gave me an appetite and I can’t resist cookies and milk. Did you bake these? They’re very good.”
“Yes Santa. Mama’s recipe. Oh dear, it seems my cat has been playing with the Christmas tree again! Ornaments everywhere!” Timmy bent over to return the ornaments to their branches and noticed some small boxes. “What are these?”
Santa smiled. “I left him some toys under the tree too.”
“Oh Santa, you really are the best! And look, you’re standing under the Mistletoe. I will thank you for your kindness with a kiss.” And he rewarded Santa with a kiss.
“Oh ho, it has been a Merry Christmas after all hasn’t it Timmy?”
“It really has! I’ll make you a sandwich, and let’s take it, the milk, and the cookies back to bed Santa. You must be very tired and my bed is very warm.”
Santa yawned. “How do you know what I want every time?”
“Ha! Maybe I’m a magical elf.”
Santa had a big belly laugh. “Oh ho! If all elves were like you Timmy, I wouldn’t be able to get ready for Christmas in time!”

Captions are fictional. Yeah I wrote Santa porn, come at me.


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