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Mitch was in his zone. He was connected to the music, and his body was warm and elastic. The energy in the room was electric. He went through his routine, improvising here and there, moving up and down the pole, back and forth across the stage. He was trying to keep his mind off the fact that his boyfriend had come to see him at work for the first time.

Mitch had been evasive had been what he did for a living when he met Zach – “oh I work in a bar” – but Zach had some questions. Mostly, why did one man own so many shiny pieces of clothing? And heels. And cosmetics. The truth came out eventually. Mitch was sure Zach would just ghost him, but to his total surprise Zach was fascinated. He wanted to come see Mitch at work, but Mitch put his foot down at that. I mean, perhaps the only thing worse than a boyfriend who is disgusted that you’re a stripper is a boyfriend who thinks you’re his stripper.

It took a couple months for Mitch to make sure the relationship didn’t get weird, and it didn’t…it got, somehow, better. It was nice to talk about his day at work, vulgar as it could be sometimes, and it was nice to have a partner who understood his odd hours. A partner who wasn’t jealous of the attention he got at the club, and was still totally down for romantic snuggles on the couch.
When they hit their six month anniversary, Mitch got his courage up to ask Zach if he still wanted to see him dance. Zach said “of course”.

So like that made him nervous, and Mitch was totally sure he was going to fuck up tremendously up on stage. Like, slip, or fall off the pole or something. He tried to make himself focus. He knew he performed best when he felt sexy, so Mitch tried something new. He thought of the way Zach made him feel in bed, the way Zach lavished him with attention and ran his hands all over his body, murmuring compliments in his ear.

Worked so well Mitch sort of forgot Zach was even there. And the moment that fact came crashing back, Mitch paused in pose to glance in Zach’s direction sort of as instinct to see if he was still there. Mitch was not prepared for the way Zach was looking at him. Lips parted, face frozen in awe. Mitch wanted to rub his eyes – did Zach look impressed? Zach smiled at him and mouthed, “wow”. Mitch quickly turned his back to the audience. He could do this strip tease part without everybody seeing him blush.

Mitch had his ass out when he realized he couldn’t remember the last time someone made him blush.

Captions are fictional.


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