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“Beautiful presentation. Ah, your jingle bell is hanging out…” I tuck it into his panties and then cup him in my hand. “Don’t want people to hear that in the subway, or in the office do we?”
Finn shakes his head.
I thumb the piercing in his cock where the jingle bell is attached. He struggles to stay still. I hear a little whimper. “My pretty boy. I can’t wait to hear you jingly around my house when you get home. My cute little kitten. Are my good little kitten?”
“Y-yes, Daddy.”
With my hand still cupping his heat, I pinch his chin in my fingers and kiss him deep. The hems of his jacket slip out of Finn’s hands.
“Ah Daddy don’t stop please – more kissing please.”
I press a teasing kiss to lips. “You want to go to work hard? You’re already starting to stiffen.”
“I don’t care, I just want you….”
I re-adjust my hands to cup Finn’s ass. I push the round globes together so the plug moves inside him, intimately. He gasps and rises up on his toes. “Daddy oh Can – can we have sex before work? I want you. We got time before work, right? Please?”
I nibble on his ear. “Are you sure you want me to fuck you? If you cum in your panties I won’t let you change…”
Finn swallows hard and his Adam’s apple bobs. It’s a decision he must think about. He is not allowed to stroke himself nor cum without permission, and I space them out with consideration. “Daddy please, I need you, it’s been hard to go to work with balls this full. Just everything’s so sensitive and rubbing against the lace…”
“Is that why you keep coming home with a wet tip?”
Finn shudders against me. “Y-yes daddy. I’m a very horny kitten lately.”
“You’re gonna be late for work. You’ll have to call a taxi.”
“I don’t care, Daddy please, fuck me, I want the release. I want you inside me!”

To not fuck him would be cruel – he’s straining in his panties. I can feel the heat against me, like I’m leaning against the oven. I kiss him. “Turn around baby.”
“Oh Daddy yes!” he gasps.
“Put your hands on the table.”
Finn does and his ass pops out immediately. His cheeks bulge and I bite my knuckle at the view. “Madre de dios!” Oh I wish there was time to spank him! But alas.

I dash to the bathroom to grab the lube. Finn is struggling not to touch himself.
“Don’t worry kitten, Daddy is back.”
“Fuck me please! Daddy please!”
I flip his jacket tails onto his back. I yank down his panties with two hands, and wiggle that plug out with a pop.
“Oh god,” Finn gasps. “Man handle me more Daddy! Fill me!” His hole is stretched and seeking to be filled. I struggle to unzip my jeans and hastily apply the lube. I grab him by the hips and fill him in one motion, making him squeal and shudder. “Whoa! Daddy!”
“Too fast?” I whisper.
“Ah, uh, no it’s ok. No, don’t stay still please, move please, fuck me hard!”
“Ah, I see, that’s the problem,” I chuff. I grab him by the waist and pound his ass. He sucks with keeping rhythm and I help us move together. He’s so lost in the fucking he needs, especially knowing I’m going to let him cum, that we’re still not syncing, just bouncing off eachother. So I change tactics. His cock is straining in its lace prison, and I wrap my hand around its prominence. By pushing against his pelvis, I can make us move together while also stimulating him by rubbing the fabric on his cock.
“Oh Daddy,” he moans. “Oh Daddy!” his voice goes up a pitch. I smile.
“You wanted to cum right?”
“Please Daddy yes please!” he sobs. His body is buzzing with hormones.
“Such a good kitten, Finn. My good kitten.” I rest my back against his and fuck him at a rough, unbroken pace until he’s gasping and keening and my palm is suddenly wet and warm.
“Oh god yes Sir fuck yes Sir, thank you, oh god thank you it feels so good,” he babbles.
I kiss the back of his neck. “You’re trembling all over, are you still cumming?”
A noise comes out of his throat. I stroke him with small movements of my fingers around his piercing until – “Sensitive!” he gasps. I stop, but still hold him. His shoulders heave as he takes in a whole breath. “Daddy I’m dizzy.”
“Deep breaths, sweetheart. Deep—breaths.” After a couple breaths, I can’t wait anymore. I give him one more thrust, pushing him up onto his tip toes, and finish inside. I grunt. “Oh yeah, that’s the heat I like!”
“Tha- that’s a big load!” Finn says almost to himself.
“Yes it is. That’s what you do to me.”
“I do that to you?”
“Yes kitten. Now hand me the plug.”
Finn fumbles for it on the table and hands it to me absentmindedly. My cock slides out and I push the plug right back in with a pop. Finn startles and yips again, back arching. “Ah! Ah that’s sensitive now back there!”
“Well you’ll need it or else my seed will run down your legs. Don’t want to stain your stockings do you?”
Finn moves around, adjusting to it. “No- no Daddy.”
“Or want it dripping out during your work day?”
“No Daddy!”
“You can take it out around lunch if it’s uncomfortable. But wear it as long as you can, Finn.”
He sighs. “Yes sir.”
“Turn around.”

Finn does on unsteady legs. He braces himself on the table. His eyes are still hazy, face pink. I ravish his lips again. “God I love you.”
Finn blinks at me slowly, lids fluttering. “Not as much as I love you Daddy. Fuck I love being late for work.”
I laugh. “Your boss probably doesn’t think like that.”
“He should get laid more.”
“Probably. Stay there.”

I stroll into the bathroom to put the lube back and get a damp towel. I clean myself up and tuck myself back in my pants as Finn watches. He reaches out to brush his fingers over my cock before it disappears back inside. I inspect the mess Finn has made next. His cock is softening and contained now, but there is still a lot of cum – on the table, on him. I clean the extra off his panties, and clean some streaks of lube from his ass and thighs. There’s still some cum in the fabric, which pleases me.
“Clean enough.”
“You’re serious about not letting me change!”
“I am. That was the deal. You’ll smell like me all day. A bit wet and a bit used. Which is how it should be, cause you are my kitten to use as I want.”
Finn bites his lip and gives me damp eyes as he nods vigorously. “Yes, Daddy, I’m yours. I feel so amazing, thank you for fucking me before work and letting me cum.”
To my surprise he holds out his arms and I hug him in return. “It was my pleasure giving you pleasure.”
Finn embraces me and sighs. “Fuck, I don’t wanna go to work.”
“You have to. And you’re gonna be late. Get your slacks on, I’ll take you.”

“It’s the wrong way from where you have to go though.”
I shake my head. “It’s my fault you’re late. I’m not gonna get you in trouble at work. If I’m late to where I have to go, I’ll take the blame.”
“You’re so kind. Thank you Daddy,” Finn smiles. “I feel so spoiled. Ooo when I move I can feel the dampness in my panties. I’m glad I just came or I’d be hard again!”
“If you get hard today, text me. I wanna hear what caused it.”
Finn groans as he puts on his slacks.. “Are you ever turned like, off?”
“As long as my sexy little kitten exists? No.”
Finn tries to suppress a smile of satisfaction. I’m his as much as he is mine, and he knows it.

Captions are fictional.


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