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David looked at his boyfriend. “I think you’re going to have to move in with me.”
Heath worked his lips once or twice until they made sounds. “H-have to?” He’d been waiting for David to ask him to move in since the first week he met him. Over a year later, he’d began to think David valued his space more than intimacy.
“Well. Yeah. Look at our dogs. They’ve in love.”
Heath looked at them. He’d gotten the golden retriever two weeks ago. The Irish setter was David’s long time buddy. “But you don’t want to move in together cause you’re not in love with me?” He asked softly.
David made a grunting noise and rubbed the back of his neck. “Something something not good at expressing at my feelings, something something trying to do it through dog metaphors.”
Heath watched his face turn red and he couldn’t help but smile. So that’s all it was. Good ol’ fashioned male stubbornness.
“You love me?” Heath asked.
“It’s hard for me say that word out loud.”
“Cause it’s scary. How can you say it so easily?”
“Cause it’s how I feel. And it’s easy to talk about my happy emotions.”
David put his hand on Heath’s arm. “You’re happy?”
Heath nodded.
David nuzzled him. “I’m happy too.”
“You mean the dogs are happy,” Heath teased.
“Yes that. Look how happy they are.”
“So happy. So clearly moving in together is the best thing. For them, I mean.”
“Oh yes,” David agreed. “For them. Absolutely. Also, I’ve also heard that a one bedroom is going to be available on the floor above me soon. View of the park. I think the dogs would like that more than the studio.”
Heath looked pleased. “I think they’d like that a lot.” He snuggled up to David. “Oh what have we here…some part of you is also happy.”
He turned red again. “I can’t control that.”
“Mmn. Well it’s pretty prominent. Should be easy enough to find under the sheets…”
“Are you— ah! Ohhhh Heath~”

Captions are fictional.


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