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You’re not super reiligious, but you agree that Sunday should be a day of rest. You make sure your boys have some time where chores aren’t a priority. You let them sleep in. You all make brunch together. You unlock them for cleaning and showers, and it leads to sex. You push their beds together and enjoy them both. No rules, as long as you cum before them. Afterwards, you let them relax au naturale unlocked, and discuss the book you all have been reading. Yes, reading. You encourage them to read and well, it’s like a private book club for just your house.  

One of your boys never had books growing up, his dad mocked him for it. The other one was more of a video game fan, but now they’re both readers. So you chat until you’re hungry, then it’s time to wash the sheets, have another shower, and have a snack.

Maybe a nap follows. Maybe more sex. But you always go for a walk in the evening, all holding hands.

You love your boys, and setting a day aside for them helps strengthen your bond as an odd sort of family. Since you started doing this, there’s been no more lashing out or tantrums and a big reductions in spankings. They communicate better and express themselves better. Plus, less complaining when you lock them up again.

Happy boys (and horny boys) are good boys.


Captions are fictional.


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