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“Uh huh.”
“I’m telling you it’s so annoying! He always tries to sit with me in the cafeteria, he’s like always waits for me when our Bio lectures ends, he gives me compliments, tries to buy me coffee, it’s sooo annoying.”
Jack can’t take it anymore and starts chuckling under his breath.
“What?” Henry huffs. “It’s not funny. I think he’s stalking me!”
Jack throws the dish towel over his shoulder and puts the dry mugs into the cabinet. “Henry. Dear. He isn’t stalking you. He wants to fuck you.”
Henry stares. “What?”
“That’s why he’s giving you so much attention, and hovering around you. He likes you. Especially the way you says he stares at your legs and your ass and always smiles at you. The way he tries to give you things. He wants you to like him. Poor lad probably has no idea how to just ask you to bed. I mean if he’s a sophomore like you, he’s what? Barely 20?“
“…He doesn’t want to fuck me,” Henry scoffs.
“He does. I think probably a lot of men on campus want your attention and you are missing it. You’re cute, you got long legs, long eye lashes. You’re adorable. Sweet, even.”
Henry blushes. “Am not.”
Jack makes a gesture and a facial expression that says. You’re doing it right now.
Henry harumphs and folds his arms.
“Look, I know I’m letting you stay here with me as kind of your…old gay wise mentor-”

Henry giggles. “I thought you were going to say wizard.”
“Ha! Yes. I am a powerful old gay wizard and you are staying here as my pupil in a very odd retelling of the Black Cauldron.”
Henry giggles more.
“But- what I mean to say is – I promised myself I would not cross any boundaries with you when you came to stay here. Although I wanted you very much when I saw you.”
Henry’s jaw lowers. “You did?”
“Yes. Very much. Lusted after you for quite some time I did. But it was just lust. And it would have ruined a good friendship. You’re worth more than just your fuckability Henry. I found someone my own age to bother, and I’m glad I did. I enjoy having you around the house and listening to your naive adorable problems as you come of age.”

“I AM of age! I’m 20!”
“Ohh my apologies. Not 21 yet though. So no.”
Henry sticks his tongue out.
Jack throws the dishtowel at him.
“Hey!” Henry laughs as he catches it. “But seriously, you wanted to fuck me? Do you still?”
Jack considers Henry and shifts his weight on one foot. “It’s different now. You’re like a son or a little brother to me. It would be weird. You should be with guys your own age. Like this Brazos fellow. You should give him the time of day sometime. Or just your ass, if you want.”
“I thought you said I was worth more than your fuckabililty.”
“True. You are. But it’s up to you who gets that worth. And if you just want a rut, nothing wrong with that. Sometimes you just need good fucking. That’s why Grindr is a thing.”
Henry turns the dish towel over in his hands. “I suppose. I don’t know how I feel about Brazos though… I mean he is kind of hot, but I was so worried about him being a stalker I just never thought of him as more than that.”
“Well, give it some thought. And if he’s bothering you, tell him to leave you alone. Or ask him out. Or ask him to bed. Just…don’t lead him on. Or tease him. It’s cruel.”
Henry nods slowly. “Sage advise, gay wizard.”

Jack cracks up. “I’m going to have to grow a beard now and get some flowy robes.”
“I think you just found your new Halloween costume.”
“Ohhhh Henry that’s a great idea…”

Henry smiles. “Glad I could help.” He exhales. “Looks like I got some thinking to do between now and class tomorrow.”
“Let me know how it goes.”
“For sure. I’m gonna go start on my homework.”
”Alright. Good luck with that.”

Jack watches Henry pop off the counter and saunter away in his sweater without pants on, teacup cupped in his hands. God he has no idea what men think of him does he… I can’t wait for that day when he figures it out. Christ, I need to call David. I need to get off.

Captions are fictional.


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