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“What are you up to today?”
“Cleanin out my closet,” Achmed texts back.
“Getting rid of a lot?”
“Yeah. I cut the legs off a pair of old jeans to make cute shorts.”
“Short shorts?”
“Nah, like thigh length. Looks great with those yellow socks you got me.” Achmed writes back.
“Show me baby?”
Achmed sends a photo.
“That’s… a hell of a pose baby.”
“Gotta show off the length!”
“Mmn. I think that’s my new wallpaper.”
“Ahahah you ain’t serious!”
“How about I come over and you can see for sure?”
“Only if you bring food. I’m starvin! Can’t fuck on an empty stomach you know.”
“Done deal. Leave the socks on btw.”

Captions are fictional.


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