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“See, nothing’s coming out.”
John pushed Bob’s hand away. “Forget about making it squirt. You’re treating it more like a teat then a cock.”
“Hey!” Bob protested. “It is my cock, and sorry there isn’t my room with my fingers there.”
John put his hands up. “No offense given. But you’re not gonna satisfaction out of it like that. I swear, chastity will fix this.”
“it won’t make my dick bigger…”
“No. But it will break your fixation on trying to masturbate and making yourself frustrated. It will refocus your sexual energy on your p-spot, and it will let you enjoy longer sessions of arousal and more fulfilling orgasms.”
“…More fulfilling orgasms when I masturbate?”

John grinned. “There won’t be more of that.”
“See, this is the fixation I told you about. You don’t need masturbation. You have the perfect cock for chastity. Once you stop focusing on your frustration, you will have the long and satisfying sexual experiences you always dreamed of. Just – not through your cock. Through sex. Through vibration. Through touch. Through a million ways you are ignoring right now to do…whatever you’re doing right now.”
Bob stopped jerking himself and considered John with a wary look. “I have a perfect cock huh?”
“Mmhmm. And once you’re locked up, it’ll look even beautiful set against your big full balls.”
The corner of Bob’s mouth lifted. “You really think I’m attractive down there?”
“I do. I see you have so much potential.” John set the velvet bag on the coffee table. The metal pieces inside made soft clanks as it rested on the wooden surface. “One week. Then we can re-evaluate.”
“One week…” Bob looked at the bag a long time. “But I still haven’t cum. I want to cum before we uh, do this.”
John liked this negotiation. It meant Bob wanted this. And was going to surrender. He liked this very much. Bob just wanted one little thing. John could deliver. He took out the vibrating wand, and told Bob to lie down on the sofa.
In one minute, he had Bob moaning and writhing as the vibrating head danced around his cock like silk draped across it over and over. He rubbed his thumb against the underside of that stiff nub, and suddenly it went off like a firecracker – jerking and squirting, balls high in their sac. John ignored the flecks on his shirt. Bob let out a deep moan. “Oh my god – fuck!” His muscles in his stomach tensed and flexed, thighs fluttering, arteries pulsing.

John turned some of the vibration on his balls and taint, helping all the backed up fluid out. He waited until the peak of the heat subsided. “There…feel better now?”
Bob nodded in a daze. “Wow.”
“Now imagine that two times stronger. Three times. Four times.”
“No way…”
“Oh yes, it’s possible. Let’s get you cleaned up and locked up. You’ll be so happy after a week. You’ll feel like you feel now, but better. Will you trust me?”
Bob looked down at his cock. It was soft now and had mostly retracted. He also saw the mess. The amount of cum on his belly was impressive. He wanted that again and again. He wanted to have big strong orgasms and feel like a virile man. He was tired of being ashamed of his small penis and worrying about masturbating. It was time to take ownership of it.
“Yes. I’ll trust you. Let’s do it.”
Bob was surprised when John kissed him. “Thank you. I’m going to get a washcloth. Stay there.”
“Yeah don’t worry about that. After that orgasm, I ain’t moving.”

Later that evening, after John left, Bob spent a good half hour staring at himself in the mirror. There was just a silver cap now where he was used to seeing his dick. But man, he couldn’t stop staring at his balls! They were so large! It made him feel like a virile stud. He was relieved at having met John. Things were definitely going to be better now.

Captions are fictional.


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