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#indoorsurvival. Franconia Notch State Park, New Hampshire P: @whitneyharperlee | #thecabinchronicles

(Fictional story contains NSFW content below:)

Ramses knocked the snow off his boots.

“Hey love,” Jamie cooed. “How’s the roads?”

“Oh you know, awful.”

“We’re going to be snowed in aren’t we?” Jamie took Ramses’s coat and snuck a kiss on his cold lips. “Mm frosty. We’re going to be stuck here probably through Christmas aren’t we?”

“I reckon. I stayed a bit late to get the mail. We got some things, so we’ll eat least have Christmas,” Jamie said.

“Well that’s good! Speaking of Christmas, I have something I want to show you. I came up with the solution to our Christmas tree problem.”

“Oh?” Ramses asked. “Did you?”

“Let’s get the packages in first, then I’ll show you.”

“Alright, love.”

Jamie shrugged on his coat and shoved his feet in his boots. In ten minutes, they had the groceries and supplies unloaded – including their mutt Moonie who spent the time eating snow. Ramses was then made to wait in the entryway for Jamie to run to the kitchen to put the perishables in the refrigerator. He soon came trotting back.

“Ok what did you want to show me?” Ramses asked.

Jamie took his hand and lead him from the entryway around the corner to the living room. “What do you think?”

Ramses looked at the pretty birch boughs draped with Christmas lights. It was definitely pretty, both rustic and cozy. He smiled. It checked off all the boxes. It was minimalist and clean looking. it didn’t take up space in the small living room. It didn’t kill a tree. Moonie wouldn’t pee under it. And it wasn’t an immediate fire hazard.

“It’s a deconstructed tree. How did you think of that?” Ramses asked.

Jamie folded his arms in a way where he cupped his elbows in his palms; he looked pleased with himself. “Moonie brought me a birch stick earlier. She gave me the idea. I found some boughs in the wood pile, but during my walk this morning I found many that fell from the ice storm in November. I sawed them to length, and voila! They’re not treated though so we’ll have to watch out for bugs…”

Ramses smiled. “I love it. You are so creative. You constantly amaze me.” He pulled Jamie closer for an intimate kiss.

“Thank y-MMn your lips are still freezing!”

“Warm em up?”


Ramses enjoyed Jamie’s mouth. Soon he could feel something hard pressed against his thigh. “I think I need to give your first Christmas present.”

“Dick?” Jamie teased. “Did you put a bow on it?”

“Would you like me too?” Ramses shot back with an eyebrow wiggle.

Jamie laughed “It’d be funny. But if it’s not dick then what is it?”

“Just wait a moment!” Ramses trotted upstairs to the loft. Finding two places in a wood cabin to hide presents from one another wasn’t easy – but they had it worked out. Ramses put his in the attic, Jamie in the cellar.

Jamie sat on the sofa and watched the fire until Ramses came back. He was surprised to see his partner carrying a handful of wrapped gifts.

“You want me to open all of those right now?”

“No no… just one.” Ramses knelt down and put them under the birch boughs. “Just want to put the presents out.”

Jamie smiled. “Now that we have somewhere to put them.”

“Right. There’s more upstairs…plus the mail…”

“Later, love. My boner isn’t going to wait. Just watching you squat is making me leak.”

Ramses shot Jamie a look. “God you know casual sexy talk drives me insane.”

Jamie spread his legs on the sofa and massaged himself through his jeans. “It does feel wet in here though…”

Ramses licked his lips. “Here, open this so we can go upstairs already. I want you.”

jamie grinned at him. “Impatient aren’t we.” He accepted a rectangular package. He carefully undid the paper until the contents revealed itself. Only then did he bark out a laugh. “Oh my god, it IS a dick! And it had a bow on it.”

It was Ramses turn to look pleased. “Well an artificial dick is still a dick. It has this vibrating pulse thing… so like, you don’t have to get those shoulder and arm cramps while you suck me and play with yourself at the same time.”

Jamie inspected it. “That’s such a thoughtful way to say you want me to play with your balls more during oral.”

Ramses burst out laughing. “God you are so fun. I swear it’s for you.”

Jamie smirked. “Why don’t you show me how it works? Loosen me up real good and then give me the real thing?”

“…I’ll go get the batteries right now.”

Two hours later, they late spent and depleted on stained flannel sheets. Jamie paused drawing circles in Ramses’s chest hair. “Oh I never said thank you.”

“For what?” Ramses mumbled. He wasn’t quite in the present. His mind was rewinding and rewatching the scenes of Jamie arched and pleading under him, the scenes of Jamie’s body quivering from the impact of every hard fuck. Ramses’s muscles weren’t quite back online yet from all that and he was too tired to lift his head.

“I meant thank you for the dildo. Seriously I can’t believe I had three orgasms between you and it.”

“You’re welcome. You are beautiful when you cum, did you know that?”

Jamie blushed. “No. I always thought of my o face would be kind of a comical one.”

“No, it’s beautiful. You’re in throes of ecstasy. That’s what makes me cum.”

Jamie snuggled up to him. “I like knowing i make you cum that way.”

Ramses pulled him close. “It’s true. I really hope we have enough batteries to last this snow storm…”

“Oh come on, we have to eat sometime.”

Ramses chuffed. “And open presents. And make Christmas dinner.”

“You can fuck me while I make Christmas dinner.”

“I accept your invitation.” Ramses sighed. “God I love Christmas.”

“Me too.” Jamie. “I think I love you more though.”

“You think?”

“I was talking to the dildo.” Jamie giggled.

Ramses laughed. “God, you are fun. I love you so much.”

“I love you too, Ramses.” They shared a kiss, and watched the snow fall outside the windows as darkness set in.


Captions are fictional.


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