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Falling into those brown eyes

“Hi,” you say as you caress his shoulder.
“Hi,” he smiles back.
“Worn out?”
He nods but looks happy. “I’m exhausted.”
“Well your tour bus doesn’t leave until 9 pm tonight, so you can sleep all day if you want.”
“But…I don’t wanna. I want to spend it with you.”
“Aww, babe.” You lean over to kiss his forehead. “You’re very sweet, but you would also be useless. Get some rest. I’ll wake you up for lunch.”
“You promish?”
“Thatsh good.” He lowers himself back to the pillow, and in seconds he’s snoring.

I snort and shake my head. Dead to the world.

We had broken up before he went on tour. Not that we really wanted to break up, but that he was going on tour for six weeks and his band was getting a lot of attention. That’s a long time to be apart, especially with cute boys in every city waiting with a click of an app. We always prided ourselves on being a realistic, casual couple, but both of us were trying to out-stoic the other in being chill about the break up. Neither wanted of us wanted it, and we took our pain in silence. Time heals all wounds right?

I tried to ignore that halfway through said tour it came through Austin, and that they had the next day off in Austin, and I tried not to show any interest in the show. I wasn’t expecting him to show up at my door that evening of the show – when he was supposed to be at sound-check, that asshole – with red eyes, telling me he missed me, he was lonely, he was in love with me, and he also, did he say he missed me?
I mean, what guy doesn’t want to hear that? Swept me right off my feet. I may have cried when we made up in the hallway. He guest listed me for the show, and we left as soon as his set was finished. I was still bewildered at the fact I got laid last night and woke up with him in my bed. I watched him sleep. Yep, he was very much here… in my bed. Mr. I’m Slowly Getting Famous just wanted to sleep in my bed. Good Christ. I felt my chest getting tight.

The next three weeks of this tour were going to be painful for an entirely new reason. It was going to suck waiting for him to get home so we could pick up from where we left off.

But I still had at least half a day with him today. I decided to pack a lunch so we could take it to the park together. It would be a date. It would be romantic. It would be just us.

Captions are fictional.


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