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@AlphaMajor360 and rbr524 pupping out at @MIRubber

The thief stared in shock. He realized quickly that he had made a mistake. He picked the wrong apartment to try and rob. The wrong patio to hop over. Cause seriously, what the hell – they were DUDES in dog outfits! Like bodyguard outfits! And one was growling!

The thief changed his mind real quick. That laptop in the window wasn’t worth it! He threw his crowbar into the grass and hopped right back over that fence – but he felt tugging on his shoe! He looked back and yelped. God, one of the dog boys had his shoe and he looked mad! The thief let his foot slip out of it. Fuck, he wasn’t looking back again. He’d come back for that shoe later.

The thief could hear them “barking” as he ran off.

He had no idea the whole thing was caught on video, and soon he’d be the laughing stock of the kink community.

The pups got filet mignon wrapped in bacon that night.

Captions are fictional.


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