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“So um…you seemed to be enjoying yourself today.”
“I did. I really did. I had a great day, actually. Matter of fact, most dates I spend with you go pretty well. You know, besides the last one.”
William winced. “Yeah that was a mistake.”
“But you’ve made up for it.”
“I have?”
“Yep. It was a litmus test too.”
William looked at John and wondered if doing that would always give him those butterflies. “A test for what?”
“To see how you handled stuff not going well. You apologized, admitted fault, told me what could be done better, and you improved on it. I respect that.”
William felt like someone had pulled all the wind of his chest. “Wow, t-thank you,” he stammered. “I just you know – didn’t want to lose the connections we’d made so far. I couldn’t reason with losing dating you because of that stupid decision.”
“Aww, that’s sweet. You like spending time with me Will?”
Will rubbed the back of his neck. “Yeah. I do.”
John squeezed his shoulder. “I do too. And you know what?”
“You’re getting laid tonight, because of your efforts to repair things.”
“What?” Will almost tripped over his feet. “I am??”
“You are. It’s all I can think about right now.”
Will thrust his elbow backwards. “Yesss!”
That made John laugh. “I don’t think anyone’s been so excited to sleep with me.”
“Hey, anytime a gay black dude wants to show me his dick is a reason for celebration.”
John burst out laughing. “Well that is one way to put it!”
“And it’s extra special cause it’s you.”
John shook his head. “You flatter me, Will.” John reached for Will’s hand and wrapped their fingers together. “I could get used to that.”
“Could? So there will be like…other dates?”
“I hope so,” John said in a soft, hopeful tone.
Will beamed back at him. “Would breakfast in my kitchen tomorrow count?”
“I do think it would. That sounds so nice. Oh, there’s the grocery store across the street… maybe we should uhhh pick up some uh, things, if you catch my drift?”
Will turned a little pink. “I think we should.”
“Yeah, bacon and eggs for sure. And once we have the breakfast items, THEN we go buy dildos and condoms.”
That made Will lose it. John was ridiculous sometimes. Will had been so nervous for this date, and John had both forgiven him and promised him sex. The butterflies in his stomach were doing the Olympics. And the guy had a sense of humor? Will hoped they last as a couple. Mostly though, he hoped he lasted during sex!

Captions are fictional.


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