Submissiveness isn’t forced; it’s given with a carefree grin


It’s just a normal, lazy Sunday evening and I’m prepping some dinner. Halfway the meatballs, bf joins me in the kitchen for some small talk and a laugh. After I finished washing my hands, something changes. Without saying anything, without touching me, without any kind of command, I feel Sir taking over the scene. He stands just a few steps away from me, arms folded, and staring at me. Automatically, I place my hands on my back and look down in submission. Then he approaches. He grabs the front of my shirt and presses me against the wall. “You’re mine, boy,” Sir whispers in my ear. And I feel how he drags me more and more into submission.

With a simple gesture, he gets me on my knees and has me following him to the bedroom on all fours. Once inside, I assume my pose on my knees and wait for him. I feel him standing in front of me, and slowly his hands start caressing my body… his toy to use. He makes certain to let me know my place, low and submissive, his plaything. He orders me to undress. After collaring and gagging me, I’m to follow him to the center of the room.

“You’re my dirty, subby toy,” Sir repeats as he spits on me, making me feel even smaller, dragging me into a submissive surreal trance. I only have to focus on him; other thoughts leave my head. I’ll be his good, subby toy; on all fours in front of him and completely exposed.

Then the first smack hits my ass. And then a second. A third. Sir slowly builds up a rhythm as he spanks me. I feel myself slowly losing track of the scene. I’m his toy. I try to focus on his rhythm, riding the waves of his paddle as he continues. I feel my body reacting as the endorphins take me more into subspace.

After a pair of hard smacks, I feel my body sinking to the ground, breaking my position on all fours. “That’s your place, low and beneath me.” Sir exchanges the paddle for a whip; he keeps me in place with one foot on my back and continues his administrations. My body becomes both more sensitive and numb. I ride the waves of his whip, and any thought and worries are gone from my mind. There’s only one thing: this session, his whipping, and his energy.

We move to the bed, Sir keeps me in place and continues. He makes sure to also cover my back, and let me continue in this subby trance. In a surreal moment, I notice that I started drooling over myself through the gag and that I couldn’t care less about it.

When my butt is properly red and hot, Sir stops. He joins me on the bed and embraces me in his arms. “You’ve done great, my boy,” he compliments me, “I’ve pushed you, and you’ve done great.” Slowly, he rewards me with his hugs, and he starts stroking my dick. I feel myself slowly coming down from my whipping-induced trance, only to be dragged into a horny haziness. My moaning changes and I’m suddenly more aware of how horny I am. Sir removes the gag as he lets me take over stroking my dick. His hands continue playing with the rest of my body, “you’re still mine, boy.” I feel him playing with my nipples, and my butt feels warm and sore.

I feel my release start building up, and he continues with his teasing. My mind numb, I can only focus on all the sensations. Then the release washes over me as I came, moaning loudly “thank you, Sir!!!”

I’m sure several minutes passed; I’m still halfway in a carefree trance. I’m in Sirs warm and safe embrace. I smile and chuckle, even though I’m not even sure why. Thoughts haven’t really returned yet; I’m just floating happily in his hugs. He kisses me, and that’s enough reason to grin like a happy fool. Thank you, Sir.



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