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“God we are so clever. How did you come up with this idea anyway sweetheart?” Martin asked.

“Well, just thought it’d be fun to do a couples things that was a little bad ass and a little naughty.”

“Well you realllly nailed that one. You look so hot in that vest.”

Jason smirked. “Well, thank you. Buuut there is one reason why I picked these two in particular.”

“What, honey?”

“Do you remember what happens at the end of LIttle Red Riding Hood?” Martin inquired.

Jason titled his head. “Let’s see… goes to the house…grandma is the wolf… the wolf eats Little Red.”

“That’s it.”

“The wolf eats … oh! OH!” Jason bounced on the soles of his heels. “I’m gonna get eaten out?”

“If you’re not too tired baby.”

Jason squealed. “I’m going to get SEX done to me after this party oh yesss.”

Martin laughed. “You are too adorable. And yes, it will be happening.” He patted Jason on the ass. “Be a good Riding Hood and get your basket filled with treats at the party tonight.” Martin then fisted Jason’s shirt. “Please the wolf maaaaybe he’ll let you live.”

Jason groaned, fisted that fur shawl thing back, and they were soon making out like teenagers off to the side in front of the party.

“Fuuuck,” Martin groaned. “I should have put you in a speedo instead of red boxers…”

Jason panted from being ravished. “Honey, no, we would have been arrested by now for having sex in indecent places.”

“Now look, just because it hasn’t happened yet, doesn’t mean it won’t.”

Jason gave Martin a doe-eyed look. He was sure he was going to marry that man one day.


Captions are fictional.


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