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Took this photo yesterday in spirit of Halloween! Modelling credit goes to my handsome boyfriend <3

I was still buttoning my shirt as Julian thew his jacket on in a hurry. “Ok, now I can finally show you this.”“What is it?” I insisted. I was both annoyed at being teased at this mysterious ‘it’ for the last two hours and from not having a moment to enjoy the afterglow from having sex in the woods. In fact, my afterglow had been interrupted by Julian bringing ‘it’ up again. Even though we had sex in the park, I still wanted to take my time and enjoy the sin we just performed.

“Watch,” Julian said, grinning.
I crossed my arms and watched as he cupped his hands. He was concentrating hard. After a moment, there was a glow, and before I could analyze what was happening, I gasped as it puffed into a floating flame.
“Woah! Julian!” I cried.
He was absolutely beaming. “Look at this!”
“Wha – what?” I stared at the flame, then him, then back at the flame. “How are you able to do that at your age?”
“I know, I know, my dad couldn’t do it until he was in his fifties.”
“You are not fifty,” I reminded Julian. I walked opposite of him and admired the glow. It was warm. When I put my fingers near it, I felt the threat of a burn. “Woah Julian it’s …real.”
“Yeah,” he said, sort of in awe with himself. “It is.”
“Well, this actually happened once before, after we had sex. And I was like, in total shock. So I went to go talk to the Elder Mage, and he told me something really interesting.”
“What?” I asked.
“well, the theory is that this doesn’t start until older age because it’s tied to changes in hormones right? Like, they think it’s tied to testosterone?”
“Yeah?” I replied. I sort of knew, but I never took fire theory as an elective in school.
Julian made the flame flicker and wobble in his hands. “They think that theory is outdated now. Every seven years the body replenishes cells right?”
“So they think at some point, the aura of the body’s energy will be different at some point from aging and pheromones… and the fire energy will sense the new energy and become active.”
I tilted my head. “I’m not really following you.”
Julian coughs. “God, the Elder Mage could explain this so much better but… what I mean is, that by introducing strong new male energy into mine, I can make fire way early than I should.”
“New male energy…”
Julian looked at me.
“Are you talking about me?”
“…Are you saying that when we have sex, my extra male energy triggers this in you?”
“…So after we fuck, you can make fire way before you’re supposed to?”

I stare at him. “Well. I guess I am good in bed…”
Julian laughs so hard the flame flickers and nearly goes out.
“So we should continue having sex then?”
“Often,” Julian insists. “For furthering the study of elemental magic, it would be your scientific duty. The Elder Mage wants to see us both.”
“Oh god, my dick is being conscripted.”
Julian grins. “I think it’s hot. I mean it speaks to your virility. Your masculinity.” He smirks. “Your sexiness. I mean, having sex outdoors on the fall leaves is immensely hot. Ya know, like we just did.”
I scuff my foot. My cheeks alone felt like they were on fire. “You uh wanna do it again?”
Julian licks his lips. “You can get up?”
I shoot him a look. “I’m gonna fuck you so hard, you’re gonna cum fire.”
“Oh fuck,” he groaned. “That’s hot.”
“I mean, it’s for science right?”
Julian let the fire go out and began taking off his coat. “Oh yes. Absolutely.”
“No, leave your coat on.”
“…On?” Julian asks.
“Yes. I want you against that tree right there.” I pointed. “I’m gonna fuck you on it.”
Julian gulped. “Fuck.”
“You’re gonna leave burned handprints in it when I’m done.”
“Fuck,” he repeated. “You’re making *me* hot now.”
“Get in position,” I instructed, unzipping my pants. He loved to fuck in the woods and put his ass out for me without any hassle.
“Fuck Julian, you’re so beautiful.” I run my hands up his torso. No matter what the Elder Mage tells us though, you’re always going to be special to me ok?”
Julian looks over his shoulder at me. “Aww, baby. That’s – you’re so goddamn sweet. I was right to say yes when you asked me out.”
“You were thinking of saying no?” I inquired.
Julian paused. “Well, I was debating if I wanted to date you or just be a one night stand…”
I grinned and squeezed his ass. “Good choice.”
Julian moaned. “Where’s that second fucking you promised me?”
I unzipped my pants. “Right here baby, right here.”

Captions are fictional.


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