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Doesn’t have to be anything special – just being by His side is enough.

“This is nice,” Dexter murmured.
“What?” Alexander responded. “Having your beard scratched?”
“Yes, but no…this. Being on vacation. Renting a cabin. Being alone with you.”
“Wow. I’m surprised to hear you say that.”
“Why?” Dexter grunted, barely moving his lips.
“Well, you hated the whole idea. And you got pretty mad when you found out how bad cell service is out here. And that this place doesn’t have wi-fi.”
“Yeah. That is annoying. But… it’s kind of nice not worrying about my phone. I’m not jumping up everytime it goes off.”
“I like that too.”
“You knew exactly what we needed as a couple,” Dexter added. “Time away from life. With us. I miss those days in college when we had nothing to do and we’d just crash at your place and make out, get stoned, and bake all night.”
Alexander smiled. “Those are some of my best memories.”
“Most of my best memories are with you.”
“Aww Dex, that’s, really sweet.”
Dex reached up and gave Alex’s arm a squeeze. “Being with you is amazing. I love seeing your face every day.”
Dex couldn’t see Alex blush. “Dexter~ You’re going to make me choke up.”
“Well, guess I better go all the way then if we’re doing the emotions thing..”
“What?” Alexander asked. “What do you mean?”
“I planned to ask you to marry me some time this year, Alexander, but I’ve never felt more in love with you than I do right now.”
Alex gasped. “Are – are you serious?”
Dex hadn’t moved, and his eyes are barely open. “Don’t let my beached-whale state confuse you. I am completely serious. Will you marry me, Alexander Lockheed?”
“Holy shit! Yes, Dexter. A thousand times yes!”
Dexter smiled. “Good. Then you’ll be mine right and proper and you can force good ideas into my head for the rest of our lives -oof!” Alex had gotten up and crawled onto the narrow sofa with Dexter, which meant practically resting on top of him. “Hello there,” Dexter said. He opened his eyes. and gave a cock-eyed, lazy smile. “Oof elbow, watch out there.”
“I love you so much, Dexter.” Alex kissed him and Dexter’s lids floated close again.
“Mmmnn thatsh nice. I love you more, Alex.”
“That’s impossible. I do.”
“Well we got the rest of our lives for you to realize you’re wrong.”
Alex giggled. “Well, wrong or not, I’m really happy you asked me.”
“I’m happy you said yes,” Dexter said, clearing his throat. He swallowed. “The ring will come later.”
“I imagine it will. I’m not worried,” Alex said. He rested his head on Dexter’s chest. Dexter wrapped his arms around him.

There seemed to be no more words to say, and they both drifted off for an afternoon nap. Around the golden hour, they roused. Alex tugged aside his shorts, and pressed himself against Dexter’s lap. Dexter fumbled for the lube they left on the end table from last night’s Uno insanity, and he knew what to do without really even opening his eyes again. His beefy hands found their way to Alex’s waist, and put him in place. They rocked together in an escalating fashion, breathing becoming more audible in the quiet of the room. Alex whimpered. Dexter cursed. The orgasm gushed between them. Alex rested on Dexter’s body again, only with wet fabric and more flesh between them.  No talking, just kissing, until their bodies dipped down into sleep again.

While Alex’s head was full of dreams about a wedding on the lake and sex on a huge bed, Dex didn’t dream at all. Alex was already his, even without the certificate from the state in agreement or the fancy ceremony. In the kitchen, Dexter’s phone dinged. He barely noticed. Dexter listened to Alex breathe softly against his neck, and forgot about it within minutes.

Captions are fictional. Oh, hey, a thing.


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