Chastity is easy, right?


Ready to Be Used …

On one hand, chastity is really easy.

One day your lover/Master/Owner locks you up in a chastity device and tells you to forget about touching, getting erect, or even cumming for the near future.

You’re turned on for a bit right from the get-go and you probably get resoundly fucked then fall asleep in each others arms.  You wake up a few times with some burning or pinching.  But, you feel good about living out your dream of being locked’n’denied.

That’s the easy part.  Then …

After a few days you start to miss touching, fondling your cock.  You miss that exciting feeling as it grows stiff in your hands.  And you say to yourself “God, I wanna cum.”

You figure your keyholder will be back on the weekend and he’ll let you out.  He’ll let you stroke your hard cock and bust a nut whilst he’s fucking your hole.  But Friday night comes and he’s tired from working all week and he just wants to have a nice meal, some cuddling and a good night’s sleep.

Laying in bed, spooning with him, you reach behind to feel his cock because you miss the feeling of yours.  Even though he’s tired, his cock responds … hardens in your hand.  It’s then that your cock suddenly swells in the cage … almost hurting.

He turns to lay on his back and you turn and duck under the covers.  You hold his hard cock at the root and bring his swollen, hot, soft cock head to your lips.  You breathe in the smell of him.  Your tongue darts out to touch the tip to find he’s already oozing.  You open your lips and let his cock slowly enter your mouth.

You start to suck his cock slowly, respectfully … enjoying the feel of it as your throat relaxes and more and more of it slides deeper down your throat.  There’s a deep sigh from him.

As you suck him your cock swells and fills every bit of space in your cage.  Your hole twitches and your mind suddenly screams in need.  You want to leap up and drop yourself on his pole, rape yourself on him.  Your body desperately needs release … you’ve never gone this long without cumming.

You’re a good boy and you focus on his cock. You feel it thicken, harden.  He’s moaning now. His body squirming.  You suck harder. You feel that tube in his cock swell.  He grabs your head with both hands and fucks your throat.

With several ecstatic grunts his load explodes in your mouth and you swallow every drop.

After a few moments letting his cock soften in your mouth you pull up while he turns away and falls instantly asleep.  Sated.

You’re left there, cock still swollen in its cage, hole still twitching, and your whole body yearning for the exciting, explosive ending.  You spend the next couple hours trying to get back to sleep.

Then it gets worse … 

You wake up in the morning with your cock trying to burst out of the cage with a morning hardon.  Groaning in pain you run to the bathroom … but you can’t take a piss cuz you’re all swelled up.  You splash some cold water on it, and that helps a little.

You jump in the shower and distract yourself with that at your cock finally calms down.  You relax and the piss jets out of you splashing everywhere and you sigh with relief.

Just then your lover opens the door to the shower, his turgid cock swaying deliciously.  He grabs you and kisses you passionately making your cock swell again – it’s been a whole week since it’s been free of the cage.  He puts his hands on your shoulders and pushes you down to your knees.  "Open" and you obey and open your mouth.

He puts the tip of his semi-hard cock on your tongue, sighs and a torrent of bitter morning piss jets like a firehouse making you choke and sputter.  His piss is everywhere, mouth, face, soaking your hair.

When he’s done he pulls you up and kisses you and rinses you.  He begins soaping your body and you are so turned on by him, by your need than you moan just from his touch.  You turn and present your ass to him; he knows you need his cock.  With a bit of soap for lube he works his hard cock into your needy hole.

Ecstasy spreads through every pore of your body.  His need is such that in no time at all he’s no longer making love to you he’s fucking you, shoving his cock as hard and deep as he can get it in you.  Your hands are gripping the shower walls.  You moan, whine with the aggressive fucking you’re receiving, and you hear yourself beg for more, beg for release.  Even though his pounding has knocked everything from your mind; your body remembers the dozens of times this exact same thing has happened but you were free to grab your cock and cum with him.

But no longer.

You feel him rush.  You can tell his cock is going to explode a load of his cum deep in your bowels.  He can no longer hold back and he screams his orgasm into your shoulder.  The two of you vibrate together in the final surges or cum and orgasmic energy.

He holds you  for a bit, gathering his strength, his heart rate and breathing back to normal.  He pulls out of you and a gush of his sperm squirts out, plopping on the shower floor.  He steps back a bit and rinses his cock.  He steps out of the shower and goes back to the bedroom.

And you’re left wondering when he’ll unlock you and let you cum…

Wow. Very hot and explains well that charity is not just physical, but very much mental.


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