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My bottom finally defeated @thepaddedpunk’s evil bathbrush! Boys 1, daddies 0!

your butt just leveled up!

This is too cute. It needs a reblog.

Joseph looked at the brush, and crossed his arms. “Well.”
Evan bit
his lip, trying to look demure and not completely smug. He was on
his belly, told not to move from punishment position.
“You broke my brush.”
“I apologize for damaging your property Sir.”
“Oh don’t you get coy with me. You must be pretty pleased with yourself.”
“I am Sir,” Evan admitted.
rubbed the scruff on his jaw. “I am not sure whether I should punish
you for this or not. But I would punish you by spanking, and I was
already punishing you.”
Evan pressed his face into the bed and giggled.
“Well. I think I’ll let you have this victory and decide your butt defeated my brush.”
“What? Really?”
“Really,” Jospeh said.
“Oh no,” Evan groaned.
“I’m going to buy a professional grade spanking paddle this time. And until it arrives in the mail, you get those days added onto your chastity time.”
Evan groaned louder. “Sir! Goddamn it. Why are you so creative with your punishments??”
It was Joseph’s turn to chuckle. “Because I’m the Daddy and you’re the boy.”
Evan groaned for a third time. He had to admit he was right. He also really hoped Daddy picked priority shipping when he did their online shopping later.

Captions are fictional.


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