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I have never felt this way before. I’ve never cried because of happiness. I’ve never felt this loved.
Yesterday I cried myself to sleep, but it wasn’t a sad cry, it was a good cry.

I never thought that I’d feel this way before. So I want to thank some people. I’m sorry I just need to get this out.

@thenerdysubmissive, Nerd! You are one of the sweetest people I know, you can make even a stone smile and blush, you have no idea how you make me feel. Even though we’ve had like 2 days total to see each other in person.
@migikun12, Migi! You adorable little angel. You make me smile everytime I see one of your posts, one of your pictures, hell when you like a photo it makes me smile. Thank you for being you.
@pupknottie, Knottie! Holy hell you are adorable. You make even puppies go aww! When I met you I’ was very nervous and actually didn’t know how to talk but I’m happy I did!!!
@kid-blink, Blink! Oh my god. Horror, kink, and acting. I never thought I’d meet someone that even comes close to your amazing properties.
Max! I know you browse Tumblr, so read this. I found a nerd, I found a geek, I found someone who’s dry sense of humour and quick wit make me smile every time.
@whisperpup, Whisper! It is because of you I even was confident enough to say hi during Folsom. It is because of how beautiful, talented, and shady you are that I can count on you to deliver happiness wherever you go.
@castrokinky, Daddy! Where. Do. I. Start? I love you. You don’t know how happy. How amazing. How loved. You make me feel. I have never met someone so kind that can even keep up with one person. Let alone all of us. I’m so happy to call myself one of your boys. Even happier to be able to say that I’m loved. I am even more excited to see what the future holds for us.

The power of kink is the power of love.

The power of family is the power of love too. That family may not be traditional, but it’s still a family. <3


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