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“Well,” Cas says with a sigh, “Guess it’s time to take down the tree. It is January and we’re stuck inside during a blizzard.”
I only half hear him. I’m gawking at his legs and giant calves. “I suppose so.”
“It’s weird we put out a fake snow skirt under the tree, and curse the snow outside.”
I chuff through my nose. “I suppose. But it looks nice huh?”
“Yeah.” Cas sighs softly and picks up an ornament. “The magic of Christmas is over.”
“Or… it doesn’t have to be.”

My partner turns and looks at me. “What do you mean?”
“Well, we’re stuck here right? Why don’t we make gingerbread cookies – they take eons to make and we have everything we need- and make some cocoa, then go play in the snow.”
Cas’s face lights up. “Yeah! Let’s do that!”
“Pluuuus since we’ll be cold from the snow, we may need to warm up a little… “
Cas bites his lip and gives me that flirty smile. “Late Christmas present?”
I cozy up to him and gave him a smack on the butt. “Indeed.”
Cas turns around and presses himself to me. “I think I see why so many babies are born nine months after blizzards…”
I reach back and grab that ass with both hands. “I’m not sure I understand…may need a visual demonstration.”
He’s smiling as he kisses me. “We’re not making it until later are we?”
I kiss him back hard.
“MMmmnnnf,” he groans.
“No,” I say, rubbing my cock against the firmness of his, “We’re not.”

After another round of roaming hands and busy lips, Cas breaks our suction and looks at me. “If we fuck now, does this mean we can’t do it later? After we play in the snow?”
“No babe, we can have sex as many times as you want.”
His face lights up again. “Yay, a day of fucking. Just what I wanted for Christmas!”

Captions are fictional.


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