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“Are they ok? I don’t want underwear lines to show.”
I scoff at his ridiculous request. “More than ok. I could stare at your ass for
a full year and not get tired of it. You can wear whatever underwear you want,
and it’ll still look amazing.”
He rubs the back of his neck. “You’re biased,” he insists.
“Honest,” I correct.
He chuffs through his nose. I can see Stephen hiding a smiling from his reflection in
the mirror. I’m sitting on the floor on his bathmat giving his dog scratches
behind its ears.
“Why do you even go to these parties?” I ask. “You seem to really hate them.”
“Truthfully, I do,” Stephen admits, picking up concealer and dabbing it onto
the bags under his eyes. “Everyone is so fake. It’s just a dick measuring
contest of wealth you know. It’s meaningless.”
“Then why do you go to them all? You said it’s just rich people being bored
right? There’s lots. You don’t have to go to them all.”
Stephen exhales. “Pressure from my parents back Shanghai. They sent me to Vancouver
to go to school here, and there’s this immense pressure to meet their
expectations you know. And I can’t go back. I can’t be gay in Shanghai, working
for my father’s company.”
I nod. “Oh yeah, you talked about that. That…sucks.”
“It does,” Stephen laments, “And I keep thinking there’s like, one thing I have
to do and – bam! Successful! And I can show them proof and they’ll leave me
alone, and I’ll get to stay. They think I’m going to come back and work at the company, but my
brother is already doing that. They don’t need me. I would rather I get hired
here somewhere and have an excuse to not go back.”

“Or you could start your own company,” I suggest.
“A sex toy company,” he grins.
I smack the back of his calf. “Naughty!
“Hey, even rich people have sex drives,” Stephen notes. “They just make you pay
to listen to them moan.”

I laugh. “Such a cynic. Say, Stephen?”
“Hm?” he asks.
“Do you really feel that you have no control over your life, and that you have
to drop everything hoping someone else will control it for you?
“That’s not true,” he retorts. “I can do whatever I want with my life. I’m
spoil a rich kid remember?”
“But that’s not true,” I insist. I gently remove myself from underneath his
sleeping dog and stand up. “You can do whatever you want, but you don’t. You
let your parents control you from afar, and now that you’re grown up, you want
someone else to guide you to your future.”
“I do not!” he says, eyes narrowing. “Aren’t you supposed to be on my side.”

I shrug. “I suppose so… but let me lay out an offer for
“What if you let me take control?” He was half faced me, and I spun him around
to face the sink, and pinned his hands to the porcelain.
“Dion, what are you doing?” Stephen asks, almost amused.
I press myself up against the back of him. “What if you let me control you…for
a period. Made decisions for you. Would you trust me to make you happy?”
Stephen doesn’t answer, “It’s…very distracting because I can feel your cock
against me.”
I kiss the back of his neck and smile at the goosebumps that break out. “Ah!”
he remarks.
“You didn’t answer me. If you want control so much, why not let me control you?
Make you obey me…or be punished…” I slide my hands up his arms and pull his
wrists back his back.
“Dion!” Stephen says, his voice wavering a bit

“I’d take your wallet away, make you ask me before you
spent it. Told you what to say to your parents. Told you to tell your parents
to back off. That you want to stay in Vancouver…” I breath warm air in his ear.
“Because you won’t go anywhere if there’s not a man waiting to fuck you there.”
Stephen groans. “Di-dion, you’re giving me a hard-on and I ha-have to go to
this party-“
“You don’t have to,” I purr, gathering his wrists in one hand, and using other
to squeeze his ass. Dion whimpers.
“Ye –yes I do, what if someone-“
“Is there and wants to hire you?”
“Well even if they are there, there’s no guarantee that you’ll get a job or you’ll
like the job. Or it’ll even be in your field. I think if you don’t go to the
party, nothing will change. Just like the last fifteen or so you went to,
Stephen. Tonight, you are going to stay in, and I am going to tie you up…and I’m
going to fuck you. And in the morning, we are going to re-evaluate. But
tomorrow morning, you belong to me. And I approve all of your decisions.
Understand, boy?” I squeeze his ass hard.
Stephen gulps. “Ye-yes sir.”

I reach around to the front and find his cock rigid in
his underwear. I stroke it lazily and Stephen hisses. “Dion!”
“What a horny boy. And so suppressed too.” I press my thumb up against the head
of his cock and a wet spot forms on the underwear. Stephen exhales a raged sigh
and pushes his butt against me.
“God you are so good with your fingers,” he complains.
“Your body is starved for sex, Stephen,” I say, “You need a man in your life….”
I place both hands on his hips and pull his waist against my crotch. “What
would your parents think of you with a middle class white man like me? Would
they think I’m below you?” I rub against him and he whimpers.
“Would they think you’ve …lost control? That I’m manipulating you?”
“Or would you rather that they think that, then think all you want is to be a
bottom bitch and let a man run your life with a firm hand and a leather crop?”
Stephen squirms against me. “I can’t have that.”
“Why not?”

“Too much pressure to succeed.”
“Well,” I say, pushing down his underwear. “If you succeed at being a good
bottom bitch… I say job well done eh?”

Stephen doesn’t have much to say to that. I push his
ankles to his feet and began to frot against him. Stephen, who does not have
much sexual experience and thus has trouble controlling himself, moans without
any restraint until his noises wake up the dog. She leaves the room.

I undo my pants and let them fall. I quickly pull out my
neglected cock and pressed it back between Stephen’s incredibly toned cheeks.
Guess that’s what you get when you pay for a private trainer. I press a hicky
to his shoulder as we rock back and forth.
“Don’t stop,” Stephen whimpers.
“Where’s the lube, boy?”
“Be-bedroom Sir!”
I can feel my heart hammer when he calls me that. I step back from his ass,
which is now marked with my pre-cum, and give him a swat. Stephen yelps. “Get
on the bed and put your ass in the air for me I demand.”
“Yes sir!”

I watch Stephen scurry into the over-sized room and crawl
onto the bed, beautiful ass in the air. I lick my lips hungry. “You would
greatly benefit from getting fucked regularly, “ I tell him.
“Fuck me,” he pleads.
I walk up to him and smack him on the ass again.
Stephen’s voice is needier. “Fuck me please!”
“Guess you’re not going to the party then? Or maybe…I should send you, smelling
of me, and sex, without underwear, and a hicky on your neck?”
Stephen moans louder and begins to stroke himself. “Control me,” he begs.
“Hands off!” I bark.
He puts his hands on the mattress, frozen in place.
“Good boy,” I coo. I walk around to the nightstand drawer and pull out the
lube. “Now the real party is about to get started…”

Captions are fictional.


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