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Really? Yugioh? Have some class. Play magic instead.

“Hey there boy,” I said, sitting next to him. “Whatcha doing?”
“Looking at my Yugioh cards…they’re getting kind of beat up from playing with my friends.”
“Well you had a lot of fun with them right?”
Gregory nods. “I had a lot. But I feel like it’s getting repetitive. A lot of my friends say I’m too old for this, or that it’s babyish. Maybe I’m just growing out of them…”
I rub the back of his thigh with my hand. “Does that make you sad?”
Gregory nods again. “It is. I had a lot of fun. I love card games. I just wish there was a way to like…expand it.”
“Hm,” I say with a smile. “I think I have an idea.”
“You do?”
“Wait here,” I say with a grunt as I stand up.
I walk to my guest room and take a box down from the closet. I come back into the bedroom to see a curious pair of doe brown eyes staring at me. “What’s in the box, Daddy?”
I smile. He’s just too cute. I had a crush on him instantly when I met him at a friend’s birthday party, but I was sort of hesitant to get close to him because of his outgoing personality. I found his fascination for childish things off-putting. But I couldn’t stay away from such a cute – and sexually needy boy.

Turns out he had a rather abusive childhood, and when he was content now, he sort of regressed to a part of his life that he never got to have. Honestly, once I realized it was harmless, I had never had so much fun in a relationship. We played all the time, went on all these adventures, and his boundless joy taught me how to see the world differently. It was a journey learning how to balance that part of Gregory with the adult part of him that was constantly horny and liked to show off his butt. I didn’t mind the last part one bit. Being his Daddy meant letting him grow-up as he was ready.
“Late Christmas present, I suppose.” I sat down next to him. I opened the box and handed him a giant stack of cards.
Gregory gasped. “Woah, what are these?”
“Magic the Gathering. I used to play all the time in college, but my group broke up and I didn’t have the time.”
“Wow! This is like a serious grown up card game,” Gregory murmurs, inspecting them. “Wow, the art is fantastic!”
“It is. It’s a very serious card game. And you can expand it as much as you possibly want. Want to know how to play?”
“Yes yes!” he exclaims.
I took the rubber band off the cards and began explaining it to him. Did I mention that I’ve never had so much fun in a relationship before? I loved being Gregory’s Daddy.

Captions are fictional.


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