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We’d been getting more into role playing lately. In particular, Ace had repeatedly asked to do a forced sex/stranger scene – where I’d “break into” our condo, masked and in black, tackle him, “bind him” with duct tape, and fuck him on the staircase he had tried to retreat up as I chased him.

And though it was a little too much Drew Barrymore-in-the-opening-of-Scream scene for me, I didn’t tell him that. Because knowing it would turn Ace on like nothing else was worth it.

But when I finally went through with it, and entered the jock ass of my squirming, “reluctant” boyfriend on the stairs, the rush of adrenaline I felt was better than poppers. It was the best.

Until two minutes later when there was a thud and a shout at the front door – someone had called the local police about a burglary and they were about to break the door down.

They probably didn’t imagine they’d find two flush, sweaty naked gay men in the front foyer. And while Ace was a bit mortified at being caught for a few days after, I got over it more quickly – mostly because I knew we’d win for the best “caught having sex” story the next time the question came up.

Officer Gregory Hines sighed as he got back into the cop car. “That was a fantastic waste of resources.”
“Well, I’m just glad it turned out to be nothing. That means fewer paperwork,” Officer John Vargas noted, closing the passenger side door.
“You’re not wrong about that.”
John looked at Officer Hines. “Don’t they kind of remind you of us in our early days?”
Gregory snorted. “We never got arrested having sex.”
“Yeah but we sure did some weird kinky shit in the middle of the afternoon that resulted in us fucking on the floor.”
Gregory smirked. “You were a very horny, needy young man. I’m kind of glad you slowed down with age because there’s no way my knees can keep up with you now.”
Officer Vargas laughed. “Those two guys were hot though. I wasn’t sure if I should have given them a lecture or invited them to an orgy…”
“God, John, you haven’t lost your perverted streak at all.”
John snorted. “Not a bit.”
“You know,” Gregory said as he started the car. “There’s a Silver Celebration night at the Come and Go bar next week. I wasn’t sure if you were uh, up to it, but I feel like now I have to invite you.”
“All silver foxes?” John asked.
“Yeah. Lots of bear dick, and lots of cubs who want Daddys.”
“Fuck yeah. How dare you not invite me. I’m in.”
Gregory grinned. “Excellent. Come in uniform.”
John snorted. “I’m sure the City would love that.”

Unit 4 – are you available for a car accident on Motor Ave and Kingston?

Officer Hines picked up the receiver. “Unit 4 responding. Ok, John, behave yourself now, we have work to do.”
“I wish I could work with a buttplug in,” John sighed.
Officer Hines nearly ran a stop sign.

Captions are fictional.


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